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Collision Reconstruction • Crime Scene Forensics Investigation • Safety Planning

Collision Reconstruction • Crime Scene Forensics Investigation • Safety PlanningCollision Reconstruction • Crime Scene Forensics Investigation • Safety Planning

Trimble Forensics is a complete, end-to-end hardware and software solution designed specifically to help law enforcement and private agencies handle the toughest information-collection challenges. It comes with unparalleled service, training and local support from Trimble experts who understand and embrace the law enforcement mission.

A Trimble Forensics solution is comprised of Trimble hardware and software paired together that are designed for forensics data collection, post-analysis and case presentation as needed.


Forensics hardware can include a combination of the following:


Forensics software can be any of the following:


Trimble has long been associated with forensics software that makes a seamless transition from your office to the courtroom. The tripartite Trimble forensics tools allow investigators to present digital evidence in a court-approved format. The three components that make up the Trimble Forensics pack include:

  • Trimble Capture: Trimble Forensics Capture is data collection software that allows you to enter your data points and field evidence. The data can be viewed as two-dimensional or three-dimensional to make capturing easier and present the most accurate scene of events possible. Once the data is entered, it's transferred to the Trimble Reveal software.
  • Trimble Reveal: The data you've captured with Trimble Capture is now used to recreate, analyze and visualize crash information. This software allows you to use 3D scan point clouds or simpler tape measures. For forensic investigations, the software tools help recreate the scenes entirely, which can also aid in safety planning.
  • Trimble ShowCase: Once you're done with the Trimble Reveal digital forensics platform, it's time to show the evidence in court. The Trimble ShowCase software is designed to be court-friendly and provides 360-degree views to support your evidence. The easy-to-manage graphics allow you to fully describe the chain of events, such as collision reconstruction.


Forensics Specialist - Calvin RikardForensics Specialist - Calvin Rikard

Calvin Rikard

Meet our experienced Forensics  Solutions Specialist - Calvin Rikard. Between his 21 years as a State Trooper of South Carolina Highway Patrol to 16 years as a Collision Reconstructionist, Calvin brings years of training and field work to Duncan-Parnell in order to provide customers the best solutions for their forensic needs. Contact Calvin at [email protected] to get started.

Forensics Specialist - Calvin RikardForensics Specialist - Calvin Rikard

Daniel Detwiler

Introducing forensics expert – Daniel Detwiler. As a certified police officer in Georgia, Daniel worked for the Carrollton Police Department. He served as a supervisor on a traffic unit which handled cases from minor fender benders to prosecutable fatal crashes. Daniel brings years of expertise to his role as a Forensic Solutions Specialist. Contact Daniel via email at [email protected].


Clear the crash, then get the answers. Whether using robotic total stations or laser scanners, Trimble Forensics solutions quickly collect the data you need, enabling you to clear crash scenes quickly, reducing disruption, costs, and the risk to personnel. From the scene of the collision to evidence presented in court, Trimble Forensics offers a solution that investigators can rely on to collect, document, analyse and present the facts of an incident with confidence.


  • Clear Scene Faster: Less time on scene means analysis and case preparation can happen quicker.
  • Confidence In Data: Hardware and software solutions that operate in all weather and lighting conditions enable investigators to collect the scene evidence regardless of conditions.
  • Evidence Preservation: Images of evidence can be automatically linked to points collected in the scene so that when imported in Reveal, all evidence is spatially visualized within the scene.
  • Ease Of Use: Capture field software has guided workflows so investigators can concentrate on collecting evidence and not on how to collect the evidence.


Fast help at the scene of the crime. At the heart of Trimble Forensics are reliable, sophisticated total stations, scanners, and data collectors built to capture critical, detailed information in virtually any scene of environment. Combined with Trimble Forensics field and office software, our hardware streamlines the process of capturing accurate data in the field. The end result: information that will hold up under scrutiny in a court of law.



The tools to plan security, for any event. There's a growing demand for advanced security, particularly for protecting buildings such as schools or large planned events and for managing the scene when the unthinkable occurs. Trimble Forensics scanners and software - including an exclusive SmartRooms feature that automates the creation of animations and drawings of complex rooms and buildings - make it easier for security planners to protect facilities and people.


  • Accurate Data Collection: Any plan needs to start with the best available information, Trimble's equipment options provide accurate and fast mapping for event or building documentation.
  • Plan For Multiple Scenarios: Whether it's planning camera placements, live observation points or possible threat areas, all can be visualized through Reveal software.
  • Powerful Yet User Friendly Software: Working with scanned data of events or buildings is simple within Trimble RealWorks Forensics and modeling and planning with Trimble Forensics Reveal.

Benefits of Purchasing Trimble Forensics Software From Duncan-Parnell

At Duncan-Parnell, we understand the importance of staying up to speed with the latest in technology, especially where digital forensics tools are concerned. The accuracy of crime scene forensics plays a large role in the outcome of court cases and can also contribute to public safety. That's why we're happy to stock the Trimble Forensic Software range, plus several other Trimble products such as:

  • Global navigation satellite systems
  • Data collectors
  • Laser scanners
  • Backpacks, handles and straps for your Trimble gear
  • Software
  • Replacement parts

We have over 75 years of experience in supplying you with the very best on the market in geospatial solutions, wide-format printing and signs and graphics. Give us a call at 1-800-849-7708 to discuss your Trimble Forensics Software needs.

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