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Inspired Flight

At Duncan-Parnell, we're proud to carry Inspired Flight's highly capable IF200A Hexacopter — a small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) that outperforms its competition in many areas. Learn more about our offerings here.

Common Challenges of Commercial Drones

Some of the issues drone operators encounter in commercial applications include:

  • Transportation and storage: While there are many lightweight drones on the market, transporting all the necessary gear for your mission can be complicated.
  • Weak carrying capabilities: One of the most common challenges of using drones for surveying and mapping applications is finding a model that can carry heavier payloads without sacrificing flight speed or duration.
  • Payload integration: A project can suffer setbacks if your payloads are incompatible with your drone's software. Finding a model with full payload integration capabilities is essential for smooth operation.

Inspired Flight has solutions that address these common pain points and more.

About Inspired Flight

Inspired Flight Blue UAS Certified drones are suitable for use in both commercial and government applications. The company is also one of the few to have achieved full compliance with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which means the U.S. government has cleared Inspired Flight's products as not a threat to national cybersecurity.

All Inspired Flight UAS products are manufactured and supported in San Luis Obispo, California, so you can count on high-quality production and product assistance when you need it.

Benefits of Inspired Flight IF200A Hexacopter

With a maximum payload of 19.1 pounds and a flight duration of up to 43 minutes with reserve, the IF200A is a powerful sUAS perfect for a variety of small-scale commercial surveying and mapping projects. 

Some of the drone's other benefits include:

  • Fully integrated payloads: The drone's user-friendly payload interface lets you use a wide variety of advanced image capture equipment, such as high-resolution cameras, LiDAR scanners, and more.
  • Operator alerts: The IF200A automatically notifies operators of internal emergencies, such as motor failure or rotor malfunctions, providing peace of mind on projects requiring especially valuable payloads.
  • Long life span: The IF200A has an impressive projected life span of five years or more, if well-maintained.

Purchase Inspired Flight Drones From Duncan-Parnell

In addition to the IF200A, we also carry next-generation photogrammetry and data capture software from PIX 4D, which is compatible for use with the drones available on our site.

Contact our team online for more information about any of our products and services, including training and support.