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Why Duncan-Parnell for your Land Surveying Field Supplies?

Field supplies are an important aspect of any land survey and we take pride in delivering the majority of the essentials as well as the accessories needed to assist in land surveying and mapping projects.

Technology - Land surveying technology is rapidly improving with the addition of things like drones, mobile mapping, and increased cloud capabilities and integrations. In addition to traditional technologies, like GPS devices and GNSS receivers, Duncan-Parnell offers all the technology needed to be efficient when land surveying and mapping.
Stations - A good total station is a key element of getting accurate distance and height measurements. We offer a variety of total stations including: robotic, scanning, manual, and autolock.
Batteries and Chargers - Find batteries, chargers, cables adapters, and more to support your land surveying equipment from Trimble and other top brands.
Flagging Equipment - Flagging is used in surveying to mark grade levels, flag utility lines, and other boundary markers. Surveyors use paint and flagging tape in a variety of colors to mark the job site.
Magnetic Locators - Magnetic locators take the guesswork out of identifying underground tanks and drums, as well as other objects found during utility survey work. The object's size and depth is an important factor when choosing a locator.
Safety Wear - From surveyor vests and hard hats to bug repellant and goggles, we offer all the special equipment land surveyors need to stay safe on the job.