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Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Duncan-Parnell has been a trusted partner for a range of industries, including contractors, architects, surveyors, land development, engineers and designers since 1946. We've built our reputation by carrying and servicing the highest-quality printing and geospatial equipment available. Our rich history informs our work as we seek to make innovative strides in the industries we serve.

In the Mooresville/Lake Norman area, we are the premier specialist in wide format printing and reprographic hardware, software and services. Successful projects start here at Duncan-Parnell.

Geospatial Solutions in North Carolina

Our reliable collection of geographic information system (GIS) data collection software and hardware helps you streamline your workflow and optimize your productivity. At Duncan-Parnell, our team has unparalleled expertise in geospatial equipment in the industry. We help you do more work and spend less on resources and equipment. When you source the following solutions from us, you can purchase your own instruments or take advantage of geospatial renting in North Carolina:

  • Surveying: Our surveying solutions from Trimble save you time and money with innovative construction lasers, data collectors, three-dimensional (3D) scanners and more equipment. Improve your decision-making with real-time information from our surveying solutions.
  • Mapping and GIS: Using GIS solutions allows your business to combine communications and positioning software, giving your mobile workforce an advantage. Our Trimble geospatial instruments and software deliver in-depth knowledge about the data you've collected.
  • Field Supplies and Accessories: At Duncan-Parnell, we keep an extensive range of Trimble field supplies in stock, from mapping accessories and cases to system components and tripods. Our supplies are durable, reliable and built to last.
  • Services: When you need help with geospatial services, Duncan-Parnell has the experience to help. Our Trimble GIS services prevent common errors with GIS systems and provide insight into setting up and maintaining your GIS equipment. Choose our Trimble VRS Geospatial Positioning Service option for real-time kinematic corrections with unmatched accuracy and reliability.

Wide Format Printing in North Carolina

With a wide range of printing equipment services from Duncan-Parnell, you can reduce your printing expenses by as much as 50% while increasing production. We sell and printing equipment, and our team offers the following services:

  • Wide Format Printing in North Carolina: We carry wide format printers from Hewlett-Packard (HP), Océ and Canon to meet all of your business needs. In addition to our wide format printers, we offer On-Site Print Solutions (OSPS), an inclusive program in which we manufacture all your business's prints.
  • Construction Document Printing: If your business needs construction printing without the cost of buying a wide format printer for your facility, Duncan-Parnell's construction document printing is a reliable solution. We can print your construction documents with digital color printers, computer-aided design (CAD) plotting, scanning, archiving and portable document format (PDF) drawing prints. We'll even assist you with distribution services after your documents are complete.

Signs and Graphic Services in North Carolina

Duncan-Parnell has the equipment and designers to make you a sign from the concept stage to the production stage. We offer several sign and graphic design services:

  • Custom Signs and Graphics: Duncan-Parnell will create banners, flags and signs for your project or event. We begin the custom design process with a consultation to help you decide on materials and placement while adhering to any local regulations.
  • Custom Signs and Graphics for Businesses: We build custom signs and graphics for restaurants, construction outlets, homebuilders and universities. Duncan-Parnell creates signs that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. When your graphics are ready, we'll even install your custom-made signage.
  • COVID-19 Signage: At Duncan-Parnell, we understand that safety and following regulations are your company's top priorities. Duncan-Parnell now designs and produces signage for curbside pickups, safety, information and other communication that assists with your pandemic needs.

Reprographic and Construction Printing in North Carolina

With reprographic printing, you can reliably print all the construction documents you need for your architecture, construction, design or production business. Duncan-Parnell provides regular and reliable reprographic printing services in NC, GA, SC, VA and D.C. Our equipment can accommodate even the highest-volume orders. Efficiency and quality deliver prints that will help your company impress your clients and win more bids than the competition.

As a reprographic printing service, we provide many benefits associated with wide format printing and distribution services. Our wide format digital printing services run from architectural plan sizes A to E. Plus, we can print your orders in custom sizes, black and white or color. We also perform small format copying and printing services with optional presentation customizations, including tabs, three-ring binders, screw-post binding and custom covers. Duncan-Parnell can help you make your vision a reality.

Why Choose Duncan-Parnell

Duncan-Parnell has more than 75 years of experience acting as a trusted supplier to architects, designers, contractors, engineers and surveyors. We believe in taking complete care of customers and strive to treat you as long-term partners. Our team wants to build a future with you.

Duncan-Parnell feels a commitment to innovative technology and offers our equipment solutions for purchasing, renting, leasing and prototyping. We provide maintenance and technical support on all of our equipment at our 18 locations across the Southeast.

Get a Quote From Duncan-Parnell

If you're interested in Duncan-Parnell's services in the Mooresville/Lake Norman area, request a quote today. Since every business is different, we offer flexible payment solutions, including in-house leasing and financing agreements. We also provide Duncan-Parnell partner financing and manufacturer financing. Our locations accept cash and credit.

You can visit us in person at 364 Williamson Road, Suite 301, in Mooresville, North Carolina, 18117. To learn more about our services or inquire about equipment, call us at 704-658-9666.