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Geospatial Surveying Equipment

Land surveying is a critical step to determine the current and new dimensions of land parcels. Duncan-Parnell is continually updating our inventory of land surveying equipment with the latest from Trimble, Spectra, and other top brands.

We have a reputation for being a business that professionals can trust. Our dedicated aftermarket services will keep your devices operating at their full potential.


Surveying can be a time-consuming operation. However, with the development of sophisticated survey devices, it is now simpler to accomplish accurate land measuring. Duncan-Parnell is a trusted provider of Trimble surveying solutions and countless other tools to optimize your on-the-job performance. With the right construction survey equipment, you'll gain access to real-time data and insights to drive informed decision-making.

The most common types of surveying instruments include:

  • GNSS and GPS: For location synchronization, our navigation systems and Trimble GPS survey equipment employ satellites and receiver algorithms to aid in positioning, mapping, and navigation from one location to another.
  • Total Stations: Angles are measured with this little, lightweight instrument. There are numerous models of total stations, primarily falling into four categories: Scanning Total Stations, Robotic Total Stations, Autolock Total Stations, and Total Mechanical Stations.
  • Drones: Drones are newer to the land surveying tool arsenal, but with RTK capability and highly accurate cameras, they can be an efficient way to map large areas and hard-to-reach places.
  • 3D Laser Scanning: For places with geometrical complexities, this tool offers surveyors precise data and measurements. It also assists surveyors in obtaining scan accuracy even at fast speeds, making it simple to fix faulty results.
  • Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM): This instrument facilitates measuring great distances by delivering rapid and precise measurements. It is also used to position objects or points in three dimensions relating to the unit.
  • Digital Theodolite: This instrument is used to determine horizontal and vertical angles.
  • Automatic Level: The auto level confirms and establishes points in the same horizontal plane. It is also used to measure height disparities and to set heights.
  • The Rotary Laser Level: This tool assists surveyors in creating a 360-degree plane. Surveyors use this equipment for both internal and outdoor fit-out tasks.

Trust Duncan-Parnell for Surveying Supplies in Your Area

Duncan-Parnell has worked with industry professionals since 1946 — as a one-stop shop for all their surveying equipment needs. Today, our family-owned operation works out of 18 locations throughout the Southeast, offering sales, rentals, repairs, and routine maintenance solutions. We're committed to seeing our customers achieve long-term success, supporting your every need with our honest and transparent surveying solutions.

We heavily invest in our employees with comprehensive training programs, ensuring they have the relevant skills and knowledge to supply reliable advice and support your needs. Whether you need help choosing the right piece of equipment or require technical support, you can trust the expert team at Duncan-Parnell to ensure you receive the most value from your purchase.

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Precision and accuracy are vital in measuring and are also crucial in land surveying. Using the correct tools makes surveying more efficient and provides the best results in the least amount of time. When you partner with Duncan-Parnell, your team has access to the necessary survey equipment for construction, engineering, communications, and mapping projects.

Our team recognizes that every company is unique, complete with specific needs and distinct budgets. We offer multiple payment options to adhere to different industries and various stages of business growth. We offer unique survey equipment rental options available for various rates and terms. You can also take advantage of our in-house leasing, manufacturer financing, and Duncan-Parnell partner financing agreements.

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