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Duncan-Parnell is the industry's leading partner for geospatial equipment solutions. Our company supplies engineers, architects, surveyors and the rest of the building community with instruments designed to make projects more productive, profitable and successful.

Our Orlando branch location is your home for a massive selection of new geospatial mapping equipment in Florida. We also offer affordable rates on rentals and provide an extensive range of expert maintenance services and instrument repairs.

Browse the Industry's Most Advanced Geospatial Solutions

We carry a wide variety of instruments you need to perform complex mapping and surveying tasks with products built for harsh field conditions. When you purchase from us, we'll also provide comprehensive training so you can start taking advantage of everything the instruments have to offer right from the start.

Surveying Equipment

We are an authorized dealer of Trimble surveying equipment — state-of-the-art instruments designed to make it easy for survey teams to quickly record and analyze information, then share it with the rest of the team.

Our full list of geospatial surveying solutions in Florida includes:

  • Digital levels
  • Imaging tools
  • GNSS systems
  • Data collectors
  • Construction lasers
  • Robotic total stations
  • Mechanical total stations
  • Mobile scanning solutions
  • Laser scanning equipment
  • Advanced surveying software

Mapping and GIS Equipment

Our inventory of new equipment includes all the mapping and GIS instruments that architects, engineers and construction contractors need to reach peak productivity. These products deliver multiple advantages by improving workflows and reducing labor costs to help you achieve an optimal return on investment.

Some of the advanced mapping and GIS tools and technologies we have for sale are:

  • GNSS receivers
  • Mobile imaging solutions
  • GIS mapping software
  • Reference stations
  • Laser rangefinders
  • Handheld computers

Geospatial Supplies and Accessories

In addition to instrumentation and software, you'll find a large selection of field supplies and other Trimble geospatial equipment accessories at our Florida location. Our equipment inventory includes different products designed to help your field teams accomplish more in less time and take better care of your surveying, mapping and GIS equipment.

Available geospatial accessories for sale include:

  • Levels
  • Tripods
  • Leveling rods
  • Field supplies
  • Bags and cases
  • Measuring tools
  • Field and level books
  • Prisms, poles and accessories
  • Clamps, brackets, adapters and tribrachs

Your Trusted Source for Geospatial Rentals in Florida

If you appreciate the advantages of geospatial mapping and surveying equipment but have a temporary need or aren't ready to make a purchase, renting offers a perfect solution. Our equipment rental inventory includes an extensive selection of surveying, mapping and GIS tools, including products from top names like Trimble and Nikon. Let our team know what tasks you need to complete, and we'll pair you with the right system.

The Benefits of Renting Geospatial Mapping and Surveying Equipment

Our geospatial rentals in Florida offer an alternative to buying new. With this option, you can get the equipment you need fast without making a long-term commitment. At Duncan-Parnell, we make it easy to get the right solutions for your business and take advantage of everything these tools have to offer.

Some of the top benefits you'll gain when you rent from us include:

  • The latest equipment: Our rental inventory includes the latest options on the market. Renting means you'll always have access to the newest features and options designed to help you save time and achieve better results.
  • Risk-free equipment trials: If you're thinking about purchasing new geospatial equipment, our rental solutions offer the option to try before you buy. You can compare different solutions risk-free to see which works best for you.
  • Expert service: Our team has the skill and knowledge to help you select the right geospatial rental for your application. We'll also provide you with training and support to ensure your mapping and surveying gear functions as designed.
  • Affordable agreements: Whether you need equipment for a single task or the duration of your project, we have you covered with affordable solutions. Daily, weekly and monthly rates are available on all the equipment we offer.

Our Florida Geospatial Maintenance and Repair Services

If your geospatial tools require repair, let our experts take a look. We can evaluate your equipment and perform the services necessary to bring it back to peak condition. What's more, we'll do it fast, with rapid turnaround times that average one week or less.

Our team works on a wide range of surveying and mapping equipment, including models from all the industry's leading manufacturers. Our area of expertise includes:

  • Auto levels
  • GPS equipment transits
  • Theodolites
  • Lasers
  • Robotics
  • Data collectors
  • Total stations

Our extensive list of available geospatial services in Florida includes everything from regularly scheduled services to complex instrument rebuilds. Some of the more common services our technicians provide include:

  • Remote technical support: We can help you resolve many issues over the phone. Our experts will see if we can help you avoid any extra downtime before you ship your items.
  • Annual care: Our annual care services are maintenance plans designed to keep your instruments clean, lubricated and calibrated. We can also proactively address developing equipment issues.
  • Electronic repairs: Our repair services address a wide range of potential fixes, like replacing missing screws or snapped antennas and fixing damaged or broken receiver housings.
  • Instrument calibrations: Our team has the training and expertise to calibrate all your geospatial equipment with precision, including the latest and most advanced products on the market.

Scheduling repairs with our skilled technicians is easy. All you need to do is call our team, and we'll give you instructions on shipping your instrument. We'll also provide you with additional information on the repair process. All services come with a complete exterior cleaning service at no extra cost.

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Duncan-Parnell has been a top geospatial solutions partner since 1946. Our company has over 75 years of experience providing best-in-class product solutions and superior customer care. You can depend on our team to take your requirements and translate them into a cost-effective, innovative solution, whether you're looking to buy, rent or service a device.

Contact us today to request a quote or visit us at 621 Brookhaven Dr., Orlando, Florida, 32803. Telephone assistance is also available at 407-601-5816.