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Printing Supplies

If your company needs to print on paper measuring more than 18 inches wide, you need a wide or large format printer and the right wide format supplies. Even if you only print on a standard letter or legal paper, you still need supplies to keep your printers functional and well-maintained. We have the supplies for all your printing needs.

Large Format Printing Options

Large format printing falls into two categories, wide format printing and production printing. Wide format printers take care of oversized print jobs. Architects, engineers, and those in the construction industry often use wide format printers to produce large-scale drawings and plans. Often, flatbed printers are used for wide format printing. Flatbed printers print on various types of materials, including acrylic, wood, paper, and glass. 

Production printers are designed for high-volume printing. They can take on the day-to-day demands of an office and much more, including printing brochures, maps, and large-scale posters. Production printers are known for their high speeds and high productivity capacity. 

Types of Enterprise and Large Format Printing Supplies

You need the right supplies to keep your company's printers operational. Duncan-Parnell carries a wide selection of production and wide format supplies, including:

  • Ink: From basic black and white to multicolor, we have the ink you need to produce crisp, highly readable texts and vibrant images. We have inkjet inks and photo inks for multiple types of printers.
  • Print heads: The print head holds the toner, ink tanks, or cartridges. It's responsible for transferring the ink to the paper.  
  • Maintenance cartridges: Your printer needs a maintenance cartridge to absorb the ink produced during cleaning. The maintenance cartridge also absorbs excess ink during printing jobs.

When to Perform Enterprise or Wide Format Printer Maintenance

Your production or wide format printer needs ongoing attention to continue to operate smoothly and produce bright, attractive printed materials. Often, the printer itself will let you know when it's time to replace a toner or ink cartridge or when you should replace the print head or maintenance cartridges. 

It's important to make note of any alerts from your printer and change the ink or cartridges as recommended. Keeping a supply of cartridges and ink on hand will ensure you always have the materials you need to keep your printers operational.

Why Choose Duncan-Parnell for Wide Format Printing Supplies

Duncan-Parnell has the printing supplies you need to produce construction plans and prints in-house. We stock a wide selection of inks and cartridges and are available to help you select the right products for your printers. Contact us today to learn more about our printing products.