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As one of the industry's leading partners, Duncan-Parnell has the geospatial equipment solutions you need. We supply architects, engineers, and the whole building community with instruments that make your building projects successful, productive, and profitable.

We have a large selection of geospatial mapping equipment for you to choose from right here in our Ashland location. We have a comprehensive range of expert maintenance services and instrument repairs, and we also have affordable rates on equipment rentals.

Geospatial, Survey & Mapping Solutions in Ashland

Surveying Equipment in Ashland

As an authorized dealer of Trimble surveying equipment, we offer the most advanced instruments specially designed to help survey teams quickly record information, analyze it, and share it with their teams. Our full list of equipment includes:

Mapping and GIS Equipment in Ashland

Our inventory includes the mapping and GIS instruments that engineers, architects, and contractors need to achieve maximum productivity. Our products put your team at an advantage by improving your workflow and reducing your cost of labor. Some of the state-of-the-art mapping and GIS tools and technologies we offer are:

  • GNSS receivers
  • Imaging solutions
  • Mapping software
  • Reference stations
  • Laser rangefinders
  • Handheld computers

Geospatial Supplies and Accessories in Ashland

At our Ashland location, you'll find a broad selection of field supplies and other geospatial equipment accessories to help your field employees be more efficient and effective with your surveying, mapping and GIS equipment. The accessories we carry are:

Geospatial Rentals in Ashland

If your need for geospatial mapping and surveying equipment is temporary or you're just not ready to make a purchase, renting provides an excellent solution for you. Tell our knowledgeable team what tasks you need to perform, and they will help you select the right resources.

Benefits of Renting Geospatial Mapping & Surveying Equipment

At Duncan-Parnell, we make it easy to get the equipment you need for your project. We have the newest equipment, so you'll have access to the latest features available to help your team reach peak productivity. Renting is risk-free, making it a great way to try out equipment before committing to your purchase. Our expert team has the knowledge and skill to help you decide on the right rentals and then train and support you to ensure your gear functions correctly. Renting is an affordable solution to smaller projects, with daily, weekly, and monthly rates to choose from.

Geospatial Maintenance and Repair Services in Ashland

We have experts on staff to diagnose your equipment's needs and perform the necessary maintenance with quick turn-around times to get you back to work. We work on a wide range of equipment, including auto levels, GPS equipment transits, theodolites, lasers, robotics, data collectors, and total stations.

Our available services in North Carolina range from regular maintenance to complex equipment rebuilds. Our technicians provide remote technical support, annual care, electronic repairs, and instrument calibrations.

Let Us Help You Today

Duncan-Parnell has been one of the industry's leading partners since 1946. With our extensive experience, you can depend on us to provide you with cost-effective solutions, whether you need to buy, rent, or service a device.

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