Mobile Mapping Solutions

Mobile Mapping Solutions

Take Productivity on the Road with Mobile Mapping

Do more with less by leveraging state-of-the-art mobile mapping solutions from Trimble. Trimble's portfolio of mobile mapping solutions offers easy-to-use, vehicle-mounted data capture systems combined with a complete field-to-finish workflow so you can complete your projects in record time.

No matter your project or budget, Trimble's line of mobile mapping solutions can fit your specific needs.

Whether your interest is in capturing immersive imagery to create a mapping-based street view application or you are looking to undertake precise survey and engineering projects, Trimble has a mobile mapping solution for you.

Mobile Mapping Systems:

Handheld Mobile Scanners:

Whatever your project size, handheld mobile LiDAR scanners like the Zeb family of products from GeoSLAM are the perfect complement to your Trimble mobile mapping solution.

With a handheld mobile scanner, you can closely scan the areas of structures not visible from the road, including interiors. Handheld mobile scanners can also be mounted onto a golf cart or bike, allowing you to drive where full-sized vehicles are not permitted. Whatever the application, generate complementary, georeferenced point clouds via GeoSLAM's Connect post-processing software, then combine all your datasets within Trimble Business Center.


What's Possible With Mobile Mapping?

We offer Trimble's complete portfolio of mobile mapping equipment for purchase or rent, including complementary software, giving you a complete and easy-to-deploy vehicle-mounted data-capture system. Trimble's advanced software, scanning and image capture solutions give you the power to:

  • Rapidly collect large amounts of highly accurate, geo-referenced spatial data and transform it into information-rich 3D models.
  • Plan, design, build and maintain modern infrastructure, while maximizing safety and effectiveness.
  • Process terabytes of immersive imagery and point clouds for entire cities, highway networks, rail systems and utility corridors collected at highway or railway speeds, often in a single pass.

Why Use Mobile Mapping Equipment?

The MX Series from Trimble can be used by asset managers to build a complete inventory for municipal road networks, buildings, bridges, highways and airport infrastructure. The MX Series is the ideal solution for organizations looking to generate deliverables such as:

  • City maps & models
  • Change analyses over time
  • Geo-located immersive panoramic images
  • GIS data capture, extraction and maintenance
  • Road and telecommunication asset inventories

Mobile Mapping Rental Program

View full details of our rental program here.

Duncan-Parnell offers a robust rental program that includes the complete range of Trimble Mobile Mapping solutions. From the MX7 to MX9, we have everything you need, whether your firm is just beginning to explore mobile mapping, or you need an additional unit in your fleet to scale up for a major project.

We offer two rental pathways for Trimble MX series gear to fit your needs, goals and experience:


Meet Chris Breedlove - Duncan Parnell's Mobile Mapping Expert

Chris Breedlove joined Duncan-Parnell in May of 2022 after a career in city planning and asset management. Throughout his career, Chris has been a heavy GIS user and has leveraged ESRI programs like ArcGIS Pro and Field Maps, along with Trimble hardware and software. Chris’ previous role with an international tree care company required him to work heavily on data collection for preservation and tree inventory projects. Chris’ time spent in the field gives him special insight into how mobile mapping can be used for asset management.

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