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GNSS Receivers

GNSS Receivers AKA Global Navigation Satellite Systems are valuable devices and software used to process geological information received from satellites in space. These tools use gathered information to calculate their position on Earth. While this technology was originally developed for military use, it has subsequently entered everyday life in cell phones, car navigation, and countless other applications.

At Duncan-Parnell, we supply surveyors, architects, contractors, engineers, and other professionals with advanced GNSS receivers from top brands like Trimble and Spectra. Our products streamline surveying and mapping operations, allowing for the speedy collection of high-precision geospatial data. We'll provide you with the best GNSS receiver for your application to increase efficiency and accuracy while decreasing equipment and workforce costs.

What to Consider When Selecting and Buying a GNSS Receiver

Choosing the right GNSS receiver can lead to increased efficiency throughout GIS projects. Technological advancements have made accurate mapping faster, and there are new options that allow for more flexibility on the job. With many options in the market today with varying specifications, it can be hard to pick. Consider these factors when selecting a product:

Base Station vs Baseless

In some situations, using a traditional base station GNSS can still make sense, but there are often efficiencies with going baseless. Consider things like time spent setting up and tearing down your base and rover - time that could be spent on other tasks with a baseless GNSS system.

Handheld vs Pole Mount

For many precise GNSS data collection projects like underground utility location and roadway inspections, you can now use a lightweight, handheld GNSS and ditch the typical pole setup without a lapse in precision.

Power Requirements

The power supply or the battery life of the receiver is a significant factor to consider when buying. The choice between a receiver with an internal power source or one without depends entirely on the application or type of job. For instance, for on-the-go purposes, receivers with an internal power source or built-in battery are the best. When external power fails, such receivers ensure the continuation of work and no downtimes.

Storage Capacity

If a receiver is not connected to an external device or network, the amount of recorded data it can store is an important feature. Even in the case of an external device, the internal capacity is still a feature to consider as it can prevent data loss should the receiver lose connection.

Communication and Communication Interface

Receivers are available in wired and wireless connections, and the setup determines the method of communication. While some receivers have custom inbuilt interfaces, others are delivered with accessorizing software to provide an interface on a connected device.

Why Should You Work with Duncan-Parnell

With over 75 years of experience in the industry, Duncan-Parnell offers access to the latest GNSS receivers for survey, construction, agriculture, and planning applications. As we've expanded our operations, we've had the privilege of dealing with reputable national brands to deliver parts, supplies, and accessories you can trust. Your needs are our main priority as our professionals leverage their skills and experience to provide you with products and services that strengthen your operations.

At Duncan-Parnell, we offer maintenance and technical support to deepen the value we bring to our customers. We pride ourselves on integrity, honesty, and trust - providing the advanced equipment and reliable after-sales support you deserve. We operate across the Southeast, and our 18 branch locations make it convenient for our clients to access the assistance they require. Our team strives to be more than just your supplier, aspiring to become your long-term partner with geospatial solutions that keep you working at peak levels.

Survey GNSS Receiver for Any Budget

Duncan-Parnell recognizes each business individuality. We compensate for their differences with solutions for every budget and business need with multiple easy payment methods. We offer flexible leasing opportunities and financing agreements, as well as manufacturer and Duncan-Parnell partner financing options to get your hands on the best Trimble and Spectra equipment to meet your needs regardless of the price. Our branch locations accept all major credit and debit cards in addition to cash.

Connect With Our Team Today

Whether you're searching for GNSS receivers designed for survey applications or you're interested in repairs, Duncan-Parnell has the solutions to support your needs. You can learn more about our products and services by contacting us online to speak with a team member today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I use Trimble GNSS versus anyone else?
    • Trimble solutions enable surveyors and GIS professionals with reliable, innovative GNSS solutions that meet their distinct requirements. Trimble sets the standard with positioning technologies such as the Trimble ProPoint GNSS engine to survey challenging environments and the Trimble Inertial Platform (TIP) to measure points while the survey pole is tilted.
  • How long has Trimble been producing GNSS systems?
    • Trimble has been innovating GNSS solutions for over 40 years.
  • What type of systems does Trimble have? Am I limited in my choice of application?
    • Trimble has many systems to choose from! Trimble's modular systems are easy to use and configure. Whether you are using base/rover or network solutions, Trimble has a great solution for you.