Environmental Signage & Graphics

At Duncan-Parnell, one of the types of signage we offer our customers is environmental signage. These signs help designate certain areas and help visitors travel around their physical location, among other uses.

Types of Environmental Signage

Our company offers a variety of environmental signage for indoor and outdoor establishments. For instance, we can provide place-marking or wayfinding signs to help visitors find their way throughout the location. Signage can also be as simple as number signs to indicate which floor of a building someone is on so they can ensure they got off the elevator on the right one. 

We could create park signs to indicate the rules of the park, such as if alcohol is allowed, if and where smoking is allowed, and the age of the children allowed on the equipment. The sign could also protect you legally if it indicates people are to use the area at their own risk. 

When someone has to use the restroom at your facility, they might be in a hurry. By having compliant restroom signs, you can show guests where the bathrooms are and specify which one is for which gender or if you have gender-neutral bathrooms. 

If you're an environmentally-friendly location, you could have signs to encourage people to recycle and note which trash receptacles are for recycling and which aren't. Branding is also part of environmental signage. The signs may tell a story, state your goals, mission, or values, or create a mood for your business. 


Parking Garage Directional Arrow Environmental SignageParking Garage Directional Arrow Environmental Signage

Examples of Environmental Signs and Graphics 


Environmental signage fulfills a purpose, such as helping people find their way or identifying a place. Examples of environmental signage include:

  • Wayfinding systems: Wayfinding systems guide people when they are visiting a location. Wayfinding signs can be as simple as a numeral to mark the floor a person is on or arrow signs telling them to turn one way or the other. The signage is often used in malls, hospitals, parking garages, and cities.
  • Informational signage: Informational signage is a broad category that features signs conveying important messages. These messages could be the rules of your facility, contact information if an issue arises, or what visitors should and shouldn't do in an area. This category can also include signage that addresses the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to adhere to accessibility requirements, like signs that are easy to read visually and through touch.
  • Branded signage: Place signs throughout a corridor in your business that illustrate your company's timeline or welcome guests at your building's entrance with a sign that features branded colors or your logo. These branded signs and graphics can illustrate the work you do while telling a story to connect with visitors.
  • Exhibitions: Exhibitions are a form of environmental signage that educates and entertains. Exhibitions are often found in museums but can be located pretty much anywhere. For example, an airport may have a branded exhibit that details the history of the location and the evolution of the aviation industry. A local shopping center may create an exhibition that shares its story and educates people on how the space was previously used.
  • Interactive signage: Interactive environmental graphics and signage are amped-up forms of exhibitions. Instead of merely presenting information to a reader or viewer, interactive experiences require participation. A person may be invited to touch, examine, or explore an area to get a more in-depth and immersive understanding of it.
  • Art installations: Art installations are another example of environmental signage. They help to create the identity of an area and may come to be the focal point of that area. Consider a wall mural in your business as a practical art installation. It becomes a feature of your business, whether it's intended as a photo wall to promote your brand or something more practical, like a map of your facilities.

Why Choose Duncan-Parnell for Your Environmental Signage

Most importantly, our customers can create customized designs to meet the needs of their establishment. We give customers the option to choose the color, shape, size, and text, among other features. You may then remain legally compliant and make your location's environment a user-friendly one. Sometimes, signs must meet certain criteria, such as being a specific color, as noted by governing agencies. If you're unsure of the laws and regulations you may be subject to, we can help educate you. 

When you opt for signs from Duncan-Parnell, we not only focus on quality and giving customers exactly what they're looking for, but we also provide a personalized service. We believe each customer is unique and deserves our undivided attention when they utilize our services.

Contact us to learn more about environmental signs in our various locations, including our Charlotte headquarters.