HP Wide Format Printers

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HP Wide Format Printers

Color printing is an important part of a project's success in the geographic information system (GIS) industry. Our selection of HP manufacturing printers can help reduce errors, boost productivity, and reduce overall project costs.

Disadvantages of Black-and-White Printing for GIS Applications

Although black-and-white prints have been the standard for GIS drawings, improved color printing has replaced it. Here are some of the biggest reasons why.

Errors and Miscommunication

Conventional black-and-white prints lack the fine details of your colored computer-aided design (CAD) files, which can make communicating with stakeholders more complicated than necessary. This is especially true of project owners and other non-technical stakeholders who aren't used to reading construction documents.

Inefficiencies and Waste

Although each project is different, unclear black-and-white construction drawings bear part of the blame for waste. Without the clarity of the colored CAD files, it's easy for inexperienced stakeholders to misinterpret key project details, leading to unnecessary reprints and redesigns.

About HP Wide Format Printers

If you're looking for a new color printer for your surveying operations, consider choosing an HP wide format printer. HP's high-performance color printers are excellent for GIS applications because they allow you to print the same large documents in a fraction of the time it would take on a more conventional printer.

Benefits of HP Wide Format Color Printers

Some of the biggest benefits you can expect from using HP production printers include:

  • Collaboration: With their large touchscreen displays, HP wide format multifunction printers make it easy to access, view, and print shared project files.
  • Faster printing: While slow printers make it difficult to meet certain project milestones on time, HP's high-performance printers can boost your overall productivity. Choose from printers with speeds up to 180 D/hr. With models featuring nozzles along the width of the page, these printers can offer breakthrough printing speeds. 
  • Reduced waste: Waste can contribute to a standard construction project's budget — often, this waste is the result of hard-to-interpret black-and-white prints that lack the detail of the colored CAD files. Making color prints with HP's wide format printers can reduce those costs significantly, depending on your project requirements.

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