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We’re putting metal in the microwave

"In the long run, we will scale the costs down. You will have high school students designing things and ordering custom metal parts online. Those parts will be 10X lower cost than CNC parts, and simple to order. In the end, we will simplify manufacturing, and make hardware more about design. There will be people all over the world building value in hardware, just like they do in software today. And the world will be closer to ideal."

-Greg Mark of Markforged
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NCSS Annual Spring Golf Tournament 2017


Annual Golf Tournament at the Wildwood Green Golf Club

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Trimble R8 Field Experience – An Interview with Surveying Solutions


Dwayne Kroeze RPLS of Surveying Solutions in Louisburg, NC recently sat down with Duncan-Parnell to talk about his switch from another major brand to Trimble equipment, and how this has made him more productive – and happier.

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