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Mapping and GIS 

Utility organizations, construction companies, and farming operations count on mapping equipment to support geographic information system (GIS) workflows to capture, store, analyze, and share vital data. This information informs strategic decisions and optimizes planning efforts for a successful project outcome. 

Mapping equipment is an essential purchase for your GIS operation, and our team is here to help make your purchase easy. Do not just buy equipment — buy equipment from a partner you can trust. Duncan-Parnell has been the go-to dealer for surveyors, contractors, engineers, and architects since 1946. We have established our family-owned business as a respectable source of high-quality geospatial mapping tools and software. 

Our Selection of Mapping and GIS Tools 

Duncan-Parnell is the leading provider of mapping and GIS solutions. We are proud to partner with some of the industry's foremost manufacturers, like Trimble, Spectra, and Juniper Systems, to supply professionals with trustworthy surveying tools. Our product selection has what you need to remain efficient, cut expenses, and confidently work in harsh environments. We can provide your business with: 

  • Field solutions: Connect to satellites and store vital information for on-the-job decision-making. At Duncan-Parnell, we offer a variety of mapping and GIS field solutions, including GNSS receivers and handheld data collectors.
  • Laser rangefinders: Measure distances and heights with extreme accuracy to collect reliable 2D and 3D data, reaching distances over 5,000 feet. Our inventory includes total stations and handheld devices to supply the versatility and precision your job site requires. 
  • Positioning networks: Access a collection of GNSS reference stations for ultra-precise centimeter positioning using wireless internet technology. These real-time Kinematic (RTK) systems are positioned throughout the East Coast, including Western Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, New York, and Pennsylvania, offering total coverage wherever you work. 
  • Software: Interpret large sets of complex data with our cloud-based geospatial mapping software. These all-in-one platforms create a productive work environment and provide standardized information to keep your team on the same page. 

Choose Duncan-Parnell for Your GIS Mapping Equipment Needs

Duncan-Parnell has over 75 years of experience and has built a reputation of trust, quality, expertise, innovation, and dependability. We genuinely care about our customers, doing everything we can to support your needs and ensure your team operates at maximum productivity. Our inventory is full of innovative products and equipment, and we offer maintenance and technical support to keep them up and running, so you will always have the peace of mind you deserve. 

With Duncan-Parnell, you get more than the GIS mapping equipment you need — you get the help and the customer service of a community. We extend our family-owned service to 18 locations throughout the Southeastern United States to ensure you have reliable access to unrivaled expertise. Our staff have decades of combined experience, undergo comprehensive training, and regularly read up on industry innovations to supply knowledgeable advice and support. 

Contact Duncan-Parnell to Learn More About Our Geospatial Mapping Tools 

When looking to purchase GIS equipment, it is important to not only choose the right equipment but also find the right retailer. At Duncan-Parnell, we strive to provide the best experience for every customer. We offer the latest products and are here to support you pre- and post-purchase — offering an end-to-end service you will not find anywhere else. 

Duncan-Parnell understands each business deals with its own challenges and budget requirements. We offer multiple ways to pay, including a variety of financing options to make sure you can secure the required geospatial mapping tools and equipment. Our branches accept a variety of payment methods to make purchases easy. 

Regardless of your situation, Duncan-Parnell is ready to help. Reach out to our team online to learn more about our products and request a free quote today.