North Carolina - NC Geodetic Survey

NCGC established and maintains the North Carolina Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) Network of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) base stations for GPS and GNSS users needing to differentially correct their raw field data.

Today, a variety of industries including precision agriculture, construction, mapping and GIS, cadastral, utilities, and transportation require centimeter positioning in real-time. The NC Geodetic Survey provides positioning professionals with instant access to real-time Kinematic (RTK) corrections utilizing a network of permanent (fixed) continuously operating high precision GNSS reference stations (CORS).These reference stations are all linked together to create a Virtual Reference Station System (VRS).A realtime receiver or rover is linked to the network using wireless internet technology.

Product Details

Key Benefits:

  • Productivity - There is no need for a base station. If you own a Trimble RTK system, your base station may be able to be redeployed as a second rover, doubling your productivity
  • Affordability - With only one GNSS receiver required, the cost of equipment and personnel is reduced significantly</li><li>Accuracy - Instant centimeters/real-time kinematic (RTK) corrections on demand within the system area
  • Utilizes Trimble-operated VRS technology
  • Build-in redundance to ensure connectivity, consistency, and quality
  • Professionally managed and secure</li><li>Streamline your workflows by getting the job done the first time

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