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Geospatial Field Measuring Tools

Your project's success relies on precise measurements. The goal of surveying is to collect standardized and repeatable data with minimal error to tackle tasks like creating boundary lines and preparing construction sites.

Professionals use various pieces of equipment to measure horizontal, vertical, and slope distances and angles. This information is then used in the office to generate maps and other assets critical to decision-making. Accurate data will also ensure your projects go as planned, saving time and money.

Duncan-Parnell Has the Construction Measuring Tools and Equipment You Need

Duncan-Parnell is ready to supply dependable surveying measuring tools to enhance your field measuring capabilities. We maintain lasting partnerships with the industry's foremost measuring tools manufacturers, including Trimble, SECO, and Rolatape. With these brands by our side, we have the resources to offer robust, durable, and precise devices to support your land surveying applications.

Our inventory includes various products, like:
  • Measuring tapes: Duncan-Parnell offers measuring tapes in lengths from 25 to 300 feet with the strength to withstand harsh work site conditions. We have accurate and high-quality devices to collect measurements, such as reel tapes and pocket tapes.
  • Folding rulers: Folding rulers are multiple small rulers connected by hinges, allowing them to collapse and be stored easily. Their maneuverability enables professionals to take measurements at strange angles, across unique distances, and around corners.
  • Measuring wheels: These devices measure distances up to 100,000 feet on pavement, dirt, and other surfaces by counting the number of times its wheel turns. They are also known as surveyors' wheels and utilize ergonomic handles and compact designs for convenient usability.
  • Paint markers: Take measurements and conveniently mark important spots simultaneously with paint applicators. Attach an accessory to your existing wheel or purchase an all-in-one measurement tool for a lightweight solution.

We Are Your Go-to Dealer For Surveying Measuring Tools

Successful projects begin when you choose to work with Duncan-Parnell. We started our business in 1946 and have since grown into one of the foremost equipment dealers trusted by engineers, architects, surveyors, and contractors throughout the Southeastern United States. We maintain an expansive inventory of cost-efficient measuring tools and equipment to ensure your employees collect accurate and precise information you can count on.

When you work with Duncan-Parnell, you will have the peace of mind of knowing you are partnering with a team that cares. Everything we do is for one reason — to empower your business and assist in achieving your long-term objectives. Every staff member within our 18 branch locations is thoroughly trained to provide knowledgeable advice and expert after-sale support.

Reach Out to Duncan-Parnell for More Information

Duncan-Parnell is a leading supplier of advanced surveying, mapping, and construction measuring tools. We work with professionals throughout various industries, supplying the necessary tools and services to enhance your on-the-job productivity. No matter your needs or situation, we will stick by your side before, during, and after your purchase.

Submit a request for a quote to partner with Duncan-Parnell. We offer multiple payment options and work closely with you to determine the best plan of action for your industry and growth stage. If you want to learn more about our pricing and products, contact our team online or visit one of our branches in your area.