Understanding Window Graphics

Do you want to mask the interior renovations your business is undergoing? Are you looking to attract customers to your window displays? Thinking about utilizing the windows around your store for branding? The team at Duncan-Parnell’s Signs & Graphics department is experienced in window graphic design and application strategies.

Why Use Window Graphics & Decals For Marketing

Grocery stores, mall vendors, outlet stores and most retail locations are using some kind of window decals or full window signs for promotion. Avoiding this opportunity could leave your business forgotten in a sea of strong marketing and brand promotion. Signs in the window aren’t just for hours and sales, they are vital marketing tools your business needs to take advantage of.

If your business is undergoing interior renovations, you likely do not want your customers to see the mess. Window Graphics can still promote your brand as you go through the sweat and dust of redesign work. Even in normal business operations, signs can be used not to mask your interior but accentuate it. Turn your windows into on-site billboards with perforated graphics. Light up your storefront with backlit acrylic signs. Your business can and should stand out as customers walk by.

Selecting A Window Graphic Design Partner

Don’t let customers pass your store by. Grab their attention with stunning window designs. Our team is passionate about what we do and works hard to meet your design and creation goals. Talk to the experts here at Duncan-Parnell today about your next window graphic project!

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What Are Window Graphics?

Window graphics are decals that cling to windows, glass doors, and other compatible surfaces. Some use static cling to hold fast to surfaces, and these peel off easily without damaging either the glass or the graphic. Others use an adhesive material, but these, too, are designed to lift off without damage. Window graphics come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. They can be anything from cut-out letters to images to specialized designs created with the business' particular needs in mind.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Custom Window Graphic Made?

The cost of a custom window graphic will depend upon its size, design, and application. Larger graphics, those that are more complex to install, and those with intricate design tend to run a bit more. The type of graphic makes a difference as well, and prices vary for vinyl lettering, perforated window decals, and stickers. The experts at Duncan-Parnell stand ready to meet with business owners to create graphics that fit their window space and budget. Our experts will guide clients in choosing the right materials, offer design services for the most attention-grabbing graphics, and provide plenty of advice about cut options, visibility, and installation.

How Long Do Window Graphics Last?

The life span of window graphics varies according to their materials and purpose. Some businesses may choose to install window graphics and leave them up long-term. In this case, many high-quality graphics can last up to five years or longer; especially if installed indoors. Outdoor window graphic lifespan will depend on exposure to direct sunlight & weather.  Static cling graphics are intended for indoor use and typically last up to a year depending on usage . Perforated vinyl graphics generally last between one and two years. If perforated vinyl is laminated, it can last as long as long-term vinyl. 

Graphics can often be cleaned with mild soap and water, and this can increase their longevity. Sometimes business owners will choose to order graphics for special promotions. These are customized accordingly and designed to last throughout the span of the promotion. 

Some window graphics may be reusable. Our Duncan-Parnell experts can provide further information about this. Reusable graphics should be carefully removed to avoid tearing and stored where they will not gather dust and dirt. Sticking them to a piece of plastic is usually the best route, and they should be fully clean before they are tucked away. Reusable window graphics should be applied to a clean surface, and if they use adhesive, a hair dryer can sometimes help reactivate the stickiness.

How Do I Install Large Window Graphics?

Installation of window graphics depends on their materials, size, and style. Sometimes the simplest way to install large window graphics is to have Duncan-Parnell handle the installation. Our team can include the cost of installation in the initial quote.

Many graphics can, however, be installed in-house. The first step is making sure the window surface is perfectly clean with no dust or residue. A glass cleaner or isopropyl alcohol generally works the best. The next step is to properly position the graphic. A tape measure, level, and washable marking pen can be of use here to center the graphic. Alternatively, a little masking tape can mark the position of the graphic's corners.

When the position is measured and marked, the next step is to pull off the graphic's backing. If the graphic is adhesive, it may need to be sprayed with soapy water to activate the adhesive. A squeegee can help fix the graphic in place if it is wet. Otherwise, a credit card or other hard edge will work. Working from the center to the edges, the installer should carefully remove all air bubbles and make sure that the graphic is lying perfectly flat. A pin may be used to carefully prick stubborn bubbles.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Custom Window Graphic Made?

At Duncan-Parnell, we work closely with our clients to make sure they receive the products they really need and want, so the time necessary to get a custom window graphic may vary. Some customers may choose to use our convenient design service to help them create eye-catching window graphics, or specialized branding. Design services can extend the time required to receive graphics. The size, complexity, and style of the graphic also affects the time frame for shipping and delivery. However, here at Duncan-Parnell, we do our best to provide our customers with the quality window graphics they need when they need them.