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Charlotte, NC (Granite St.)

11333-A Granite St.
Charlotte, NC 28273
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Phone: (704) 588-0047

Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

At Duncan-Parnell, we're the trusted provider of geospatial services, signs, and graphics in Charlotte. Since 1946, we've provided innovative solutions to the construction industry, and we continue to expand our wide range of services. Our goal is to help your project be a success, and we're ready to work with you in order to achieve that goal.

Construction Printing Services in Charlotte

Wide Format Printing

We offer wide format printing services as well as HP wide format printers. Wide format printers create black-and-white and full-color prints quickly with more than 200,000 nozzles. We also have wide-format printers that both print and scan documents.


When you need large-format printing, we can do it quickly in color or in black-and-white. We're also able to upload and store files for you. If you just need to make a few changes before the next time you print, this facilitates faster results.

Construction Document Printing & Scanning

Our construction printing services include on-site printing, reprographics and more. We're prepared to assist you with detailed blueprints and other documents. If you need access to or want to purchase your own technical printer or wide-format printer, we have systems available.

Signs and Graphics Services in Charlotte

Our team creates a wide variety of custom signs and graphics for your business or organization. Our custom graphics solutions for businesses include:

Geospatial Renting Solutions in Charlotte

We're proud to offer detailed mapping and geographic information system (GIS) services, survey supplies and accessories.

We can also provide you with geospatial field supplies for purchase that can be used to aid completion of your construction or survey project. From stakes and paint, to flagging and safety vests, we’ve got you covered.

To learn more about our geospatial information services, visit our location at 11333-A Granite St. in Charlotte, or call us at (704) 588-0047 today.