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What is a grade rod?

Grade rods are an instrument used by land surveyors, construction workers, building contractors, plumbers, and other professionals who need to take accurate measurements of grade elevation. Leveling rods can be used alongside laser levels, opticals, and surveyors for optimal precision. They can be made from a variety of materials, but the most common are fiberglass, wood, and plastic.

How do I use a grade rod?

Extend the grade rod to its full length along with a transit or auto level. Start with the measurement points you need, and then have the rodman (person holding the leveling rod) hold the rod in a vertical position. Focus the instrument on the grade rod and have the rodman record the measurement.

Why are grade rods measured in tenths?

Survey rods that have feet, tenths, and hundredths measurements are known as “engineer’s rods.” Because they use decimals, this makes it easier for engineers to do calculations that are easily converted.