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Prisms, Prism Poles, and Surveying Rods

Engineers, surveyors, and contractors depend on prisms and accessories to reflect signals and help total stations collect precise measurements. Professionals often use them within topographic surveying applications to generate detailed maps and support decision-making. Having access to dependable equipment will streamline your operations and give you confidence in accurate data collection. 

Land Surveying Equipment and Accessories We Offer

Prisms, surveying rods, and accessories are vital to land surveying equipment. The right tools will support your work with a suitable range and accuracy with the strength to perform reliably in various conditions. 

At Duncan-Parnell, we have developed a vast selection of prism pole surveying equipment and accessories. Our partnerships with innovative manufacturers like SECO allow our team to deliver highly productive and durable products at cost-effective prices you can count on. Some of the products you'll find in our inventory include: 

  • Prisms: Prisms reflect signals emitted by electronic distance measurement (EDM) devices to measure work site distances and angles accurately.
  • Grade rods: Also known as prism poles, grade rods are used within land surveying applications and can be telescopic or fixed to determine precise differences in elevation across the job site. 
  • Accessories: Additional equipment and gear — like extension points and attachable bubble levels — enhance the usability and capability of your land surveying operation. 


Want to learn more about grade rods? Check out some of the most popular questions we receive below. 

What Is a Grade Rod?

Grade rods are an instrument used by construction workers, land surveyors, building contractors, plumbers, and other professionals who need to take accurate measurements of grade elevation. Leveling rods can be used alongside laser levels, opticals, and surveyors for optimal precision. They can be made from a variety of materials, but the most common are fiberglass, wood, and plastic.

How Do I Use a Grade Rod for Land Surveying?

Extend the grade rod to its full length along with a transit or auto level. Start with the measurement points you need, and then have the rodperson (person holding the leveling rod) hold the rod in a vertical position. Focus the instrument on the grade rod and have the rodman record the measurement.

Why Are Grade Rods Measured in Tenths? 

Survey rods that have feet, tenths, and hundredths measurements are known as “engineer’s rods.” Since they use decimals, this makes it easier for engineers to do calculations that are easily converted.

Duncan-Parnell Is the Industry Expert

Duncan-Parnell has served the Southeastern United States with cutting-edge products and support services since 1946. Throughout this time, we have established a reputation for expert and caring customer service, ensuring we exceed our customers' expectations every time. This satisfaction would not be possible without our team of experienced professionals who stay current with the latest industry trends and innovations to provide accurate advice to optimize your projects. 

We make getting the tools you need quick, easy, and affordable. Once we learn about your objectives, we can walk you through our products and pair you with the right equipment for the job. At Duncan-Parnell, we also understand that each business is unique, so we offer many payment methods at our 18 locations

Duncan-Parnell is the team you can trust to support you before, during, and after your purchase. We leverage our vast expertise and passion for delivering exceptional customer service to create an informative and beneficial experience. 

We're on a mission to earn your long-term business by being a dealer you can trust through honest and transparent services. Duncan-Parnell can address several situations, whether you need assistance choosing a grade rod for your construction project or require after-sale technical support. 

Ready to get started? Check out our catalog of prism pole surveying equipment and accessories and request a free quote today. Feel free to contact our team online to learn more about our products and services.