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At Duncan-Parnell, our rich history in a wide range of printing and geospatial services informs the way we serve our customers. For more than 75 years, architects, contractors, surveyors, engineers and designers have come to Duncan-Parnell for everything from traditional printing to innovative geospatial solutions. We are the premier provider of printing services, reprographic printing, custom graphics and geospatial analysis solutions in the Greensboro, North Carolina area.

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Printing Services and Equipment

We have the comprehensive printing solutions your business needs for everything from wide format printing to construction documents. With our tools and services, you can reduce your printing expenses by up to 50%. This Duncan-Parnell location offers:

Wide Format Printing in Greensboro

We carry wide format printers from Canon, Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Océ to meet all of your wide format printing needs. If you need wide-format documents printed without paying for new printing equipment, consider our On-Site Print Solutions (OSPS). Participation in this program is a comprehensive agreement with Duncan-Parnell to regularly and reliably produce your business's consumables.

Construction Document Printing

We have all the equipment necessary to print your construction documents and give your business a competitive edge with bright and beautiful prints. We can print your construction documents in high-quality digital color and provide scanning, archiving, computer-aided design (CAD) plotting and portable document format (PDF) drawing prints. You can also take advantage of our distribution services.

Reprographic Printing Services in Greensboro

When you need reprographic printing for your design, architecture, construction or production business, Duncan-Parnell can provide you with dependable and consistent printing services. We offer high-quality reprographic printing services to architects and designers in the D.C., GA, NC, SC and VA area. We can accommodate any run, regardless of volume. Our reliability makes us one of the most reputable construction printers in Greensboro.

Duncan-Parnell offers reprographic printing services for businesses. We have all capabilities necessary for our construction clients who require wide format printing. For architects, we offer prints in sizes from A to E, as well as custom sizes. You can make your reprographic printing even more impressive with optional customizations. Consider three-ring binders, tabs, screw-post bindings and custom covers.

Comprehensive Signs and Graphics Services

Our experienced designers are ready to walk your business through the graphic design process from the concept stage to execution. Our location offers the following signs and graphics services in Greensboro:

  • Custom Signs and Graphics: At Duncan-Parnell, you can decide on materials, placement and regulations before we begin the custom sign and graphic process. During our consultation, we'll gather details to understand your expectations. Our team creates custom graphic designs for signage, banners and flags.
  • Custom Graphic Solutions for Businesses: We're proud to have partnerships with businesses, construction outlets, home builders, restaurants, universities and other organizations. At Duncan-Parnell, we work with you to create custom business signage that follows all rules set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Our team will even install your custom sign on-site.
  • COVID-19 Signage: Your customers' and employees' health and safety are your top priorities. Duncan-Parnell designs and produces COVID-19 pieces, including safety signage, curbside pickup markers, informational graphics and social distancing stickers that lead your customers safely throughout your business.

Flexible Geospatial Solutions in Greensboro

Our turnkey geospatial solutions share invaluable insight that allows you to optimize your productivity and streamline your workflow. Duncan-Parnell is a Trimble partner and is home to one of the country's most knowledgeable geospatial equipment teams. Purchase and lease purpose-built instruments, or capitalize on geospatial renting in the city of Greensboro with this equipment:

  • Field Supplies and Accessories: We carry a vast inventory of Trimble geospatial field supplies, including cases, mapping accessories and tripods. Your tools from Trimble will last through years of use.
  • Mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS): With GIS software and hardware solutions, your business can gain invaluable insight into your operation by using advanced communications and positioning software. Duncan-Parnell has partnered with Trimble to provide the most advanced and reliable GIS solutions in the industry.
  • Surveying: We stock Trimble surveying solutions that use innovative equipment like construction lasers, data collectors and 3D scanners to give you a holistic view of your business operations. With comprehensive surveying solutions, you can get in-depth, real-time insights that will improve your business's decision-making.
  • Services: Duncan-Parnell is ready to assist you with helpful geospatial services. We use Trimble GIS services to give you a quick, in-depth look into your business. This information helps you set up and maintain your GIS equipment. Our Trimble VRS Geospatial Positioning Service option uses real-time kinematic corrections to give you unmatched reliability and accuracy.

Partner With Us

Since 1946, Duncan-Parnell has been a trusted printing partner to designers, architects, engineers, contractors and surveyors. We want to work together to create a strong future partnership and address all your printing service needs.

Our Greensboro location features elevated printing and geospatial technology with the power to give your business an edge. We have equipment solutions that are available for prototyping, leasing, renting and purchasing. Should any issues arise with the equipment you receive from Duncan-Parnell, we provide technical support and preventive maintenance at our 18 locations across the Southeastern United States.

Get a Service Quote From Duncan-Parnell

Whether you need help with printing services or renting surveying equipment, Duncan-Parnell of Greensboro is ready to assist you with comprehensive graphic and surveying solutions. We offer flexible payment solutions so that your business can receive the services you need regardless of your available resources. Our locations also offer financing agreements, manufacturer financing, Duncan-Parnell partner financing and classic cash and credit payment options.

To see our services in person or talk with our customer service representatives, visit us at 4275 Regency Drive, Suite 100, in Greensboro, North Carolina, 27410. If you have questions about our services or want to inquire about our equipment, call 336-855-1211.