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Wilmington, NC

3001-C Wrightsville Ave
Wilmington, NC 28403
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Phone: (910) 341-3005

Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (closed between 2:30 - 3:30 pm).

Wilmington's Duncan-Parnell location is a one-stop shop for your business's geospatial, printing, graphic and reprographic needs. Since 1946, Duncan-Parnell has been a dedicated partner to contractors, architects, designers, engineers and surveyors. We are the most reliable and comprehensive provider of printing and geospatial services in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Geospatial Renting and Solutions in Wilmington

As an authorized Trimble dealer, Duncan-Parnell uses the latest technology from this top brand to provide in-depth insights into your business's operations. Our technicians and staff are some of the most knowledgeable geospatial equipment experts in the country, and we can help you find the right geospatial equipment for your operation. We rent, lease and sell the following equipment at our Wilmington location:

  • Surveying: Our Wilmington location carries Trimble surveying equipment such as three-dimensional (3D) scanners, construction lasers and data collectors. With Trimble geospatial equipment, you can get real-time, in-depth insights to give your business the insight it needs to make the right decisions.
  • Mapping and Geographic Information System (GIS): We offer GIS software and hardware solutions that use positioning programs and advanced communications.
  • Field Supplies and Accessories: Beyond our equipment, we keep field supplies and accessories such as tripods, mapping accessories and cases in stock at all times. Keep your advanced GIS equipment safe with our protective accessories and equipment.
  • Duncan-Parnell Services: When you need help with geospatial equipment, Duncan-Parnell is ready to step in and assist you in setting up and maintaining your Trimble GIS equipment. We'll help you with Trimble VRS Geospatial Positioning Services for real-time kinematic corrections.

Printing Services in Wilmington

Duncan-Parnell provides unmatched printing services in Wilmington. We offer custom printing for every size and shape. Newer formats and business essentials like construction document printing are also available. Work with us for the following printing services:

  • Construction Document Printing: If you're an architect, designer or construction professional, you need the brightest and most impressive graphics to win your business bids. Duncan-Parnell can produce high-quality digital color and black and white prints. Our services are also compatible with computer-aided design (CAD) plotting, portable document format (PDF) drawing prints, scanning, archiving and distribution.
  • Wide Format Printing in Wilmington: We have the latest printer models from industry favorites like Océ, Canon and Hewlett-Packard so that your wide format printed pieces will pop. If your business uses wide format printing infrequently, you can save money by opting for our On-Site Print Solutions (OSPS) program. This service lets Duncan-Parnell complete your company's wide format printing for you.

Signs and Graphic Services in Wilmington

Before we did anything else, Duncan-Parnell ran a premier printing service. Now, we offer comprehensive printing solutions for your business needs and handle everything from business signage and celebratory graphics to construction documents and wide format printing. Reduce your printing expenses by up to 50% when you take advantage of the following services from Duncan-Parnell:

  • Custom Signs and Graphics: From the design stage to the printing process, we have the expertise and equipment to see your project through. In our initial custom sign and graphic consultation, you can decide on the sign's placement and materials. At Duncan-Parnell, we create custom banners, flags and printed signage.
  • Custom Graphic Solutions For Businesses: Our team knows how to design and build signs that comply with health, safety and accessibility regulations. Your business will look great while following every relevant law. The design staff at Duncan-Parnell has worked with companies in a vast range of industries to design custom signage of every size and for every purpose. We can even install your piece when finished.
  • COVID-19 Signage: Safety is always at the forefront of your business's priorities. Now, Duncan-Parnell produces pandemic-related signage to help keep your customers and employees safe. We make custom informational graphics, curbside pickup signs, social distancing stickers and other pieces. These products ensure your business's guidelines and walkways remain clear. We even produce sneeze guards and register shields to protect your team.

Reprographic Printing Services in Wilmington

If you're in the architecture, design, production or construction business, partner with Duncan-Parnell for high-quality reprographic printing services. Our 18 Duncan-Parnell locations offer reprographic printing services throughout the Southeast United States. Our stores can handle high-volume runs, and we have the equipment necessary to accept the challenge.

Our reprographics printing services for businesses include scanning, archiving, computer-aided design (CAD) plotting, portable document format (PDF) drawing, wide format printing and distribution services. We offer architectural prints in standard sizes A through E and custom dimensions. To impress your audience and get more bids, you can customize your reprographic printing with tabs, three-ring binders, screw-post bindings or custom covers.

Why Choose Duncan-Parnell?

With over 75 years of experience and 18 locations across the Southeast, Duncan-Parnell has the equipment and expertise to provide comprehensive surveying and graphic design solutions. We see each of our clients as a valued partner, and we want to assist your operation's growth for years to come.

Our Wilmington location is home to innovative printing and geospatial technology that can give your business deep insights into your operations and impress your clients with state-of-the-art graphics and designs. Our equipment is available for purchasing, prototyping, renting and leasing. We offer preventive maintenance and technical support on all our equipment.

Ask Us About a Service Quote

Duncan-Parnell of Wilmington has all the equipment necessary to assist you with your printing and surveying applications. Whether you choose to rent equipment or opt for our in-house printing services, we're ready to help. We offer classic cash and credit card options. You can also select payment plans such as in-house financing agreements, flexible leasing, manufacturer financing, and partner financing to accommodate your business.

To see our professional services for yourself, you can visit us in Wilmington. Stop by 3001 C Wrightsville Ave, Wilmington, NC, 28403, or reach us by phone at 910-341-3005.