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Our Portable Data Collector Accessories

At Duncan Parnell, three of our most popular data collectors. Here is a breakdown of each and their accessories.

Trimble TSC3/TSC7

  • Hand Strap: The hand strap has a quick-release snap buckle, so you can easily remove it.

  • Screen Protector: A screen protector adds a thin layer of protection to the Trimble TSC3/TSC7 data collector, keeping it safe from scratches.

  • Range Pole Bracket: The range pole bracket attaches to your data collector, allowing you to add a fixed-length (0.5m or 1m) tracking pole.

  • GNSS Accessory Kit: It contains all necessary components needed for installation: antennas, mounting brackets, cables.

  • Rechargeable Battery: This battery lasts up to 14 hours on one charge and includes two NiMH batteries, which are rechargeable; you can work all day without worrying about charging it.

  • Intl Power Supply Kit: This kit includes an AC power supply, voltage converter (220V - 110V), power cable adapter (12 lengths), and international plug adapters (US Type A & B; UK Type G).

  • Stylus Pen Kit: It includes touch stylus pens in different colors to interact with touchscreens accurately.

  • Claw Bracket: The claw bracket is a handy accessory that provides extra stability when mounting the data collector on hard surfaces.

  • Robotic Accessory Kit: This robotic accessory kit includes cables, tools, and other hardware needed to attach accessories such as sensors or robotic arms.

  • USB Cable Accessory: It can be plugged into any computer's USB port to download the collected information.

  • I/O Port Dust Covers: The port dust cover is designed to protect the port on Trimble TSC3/TSC7 from dust, dirt, and debris.

Nomad Data Collector

  • Hand Strap: This durable strap is made out of nylon webbing that can be adjusted to any size using Velcro.

  • USB Boot: It provides protection against accidental contact with metal parts, dust, and liquids while still allowing access to all ports and controls without removing the case.

  • USB Data Cable: This cable is designed to provide a connection between the data collector and computer for downloading collected data.

  • International AC: The International AC power adapter is perfect for international users who need extra battery life.

  • Cradle Assembly: The cradle assembly provides protection for equipment when not in use by holding it securely.

  • Li-Ion Battery: It can power the device up to two hours before needing a recharge.

  • Range Pole Brackets: This product includes a 3ft length range pole bracket and a 7ft length range pole bracket.

Geo 7 Series

  • Transport Case: The Nomad Data Collector transport case is designed to protect the data collector when being transported. It offers plenty of storage space for accessories such as batteries, chargers, and cables.

  • Hand Strap: This accessory can be used as a replacement strap if yours breaks or just as an extra strap if you have more than one Geo 7 Series data collector.

  • Rangefinder Module: The module can be mounted on the top of a Geo 7 Series device as well as on any flat surface. It connects via Bluetooth LE wireless technology.

  • Soft Carry Pouch: The Soft Carry Pouch is designed to protect the Geo 7 Series data collector when not in use.

  • Monopole Bracket: This bracket can be mounted on any 2x2 inch DIN rail or threaded rod in order to suit specific needs.

  • 12V DC Car Charger: This car charger plugs into a standard cigarette lighter socket in your vehicle and then connects to the device via USB cable (included).

  • Cradle Assembly: It provides an easy way to mount the data collector securely on a wall or any other surface.