Trimble Business Center

Trimble Business Center is a powerful surveying application that is the perfect desktop complement to Trimble's full range of survey solutions. Edit, process, and adjust data from all Trimble surveying instruments with efficiency and confidence!

The New TBC Is Here – Version 5.00 includes more tools for survey and construction professionals along with a new clean, modern look and feel. TBC v5.00 Download Page

Product Details

Available at two levels of productivity (Advanced and Standard), Trimble Business Center provides the key functionality needed to finish work faster. The new version 2.70 advances the capabilities of surveying offices with key new functionality, including:Trimble VISION Photogrammetry – the surveyor can now precisely measure objects using two or more images from the Trimble S6 and S8 VISION instruments as well as the Trimble VX Spatial Station. Terrestrial photogrammetry offers the surveyor a new tool for measuring objects which can improve efficiency and safety of survey operations.

  • Enhanced GIS Features – Process feature coded data from Trimble Access to create point, line, and now polygon features that can be exported in standard GIS formats. The polygon capability improves the surveyor's feature collection capabilities through accurate database recreation and automated area calculations.
  • Export GENIO Roads – Import or key-in corridor designs for review and editing, then export them in GENIO format to stake in the field. The GENIO format offers improved modeling precision for some complex corridor designs.

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