Trimble X9 3D Laser Scanning System

Versatile, advanced 3D laser scanning system for surveying, construction, forensics, and engineering professionals

Product Details

The Trimble® X9 3D laser scanning system expands on the industry-proven Trimble X7. With new proven innovations including automatic calibration, self-leveling, and a laser pointer, this system helps you complete jobs better and faster. Plus, it delivers a longer range, higher accuracy, shorter scan times, and exceptional sensitivity, which improves scan results and boosts your productivity.

  • Dependable: self-calibrating for dependable data every scan
    • Survey grade self-leveling for fast, easy setup
  • High performing: fast scan times of less than 1 minute can be reached for fast project completion
    • High accuracy and low range noise point cloud data for detailed digital twins
  • Enhanced range: 150m range to put more projects within reach
  • Versatile: high-speed scanning up to 1 million pts/s
    • Better range, angular accuracy, and data quality to support a wider range of applications.

Key Features & Benefits of the Trimble X9:

  • Enhanced speed, range, accuracy, and sensitivity
  • Trimble X-Drive with new center unit design to optimize performance
  • Trimble Registration Assist
  • Survey Grade Automatic Self-Leveling
  • Advanced deflection drive
  • Enhanced Trimble VISION™ technology with image processing enhancements
  • Laser Pointer
  • Small form factor for portability
  • Affordable 5-year cost of ownership

Comparing the Trimble X9 to the X7

The X7 offers a range of up to 80m with a max speed of 500 kHz with an angular accuracy of 21”, whereas the Trimble X9 has a range of up to 150m at a max speed of 1000 kHz with an angular accuracy of 16”. Download the Trimble Scanning Product Comparison PDF below for the full breakdown of Trimble scanning solutions.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the Trimble X9 compare to the Trimble X7?
    • The Trimble X9 operates nearly twice as fast, for nearly twice the distance as the Trimble X7. It has a better camera, and the same great software to simplify workflow.
  • How Does the Trimble X9 save me time and money compared to competitors?
    • One of the tremendous features of the Trimble X9 is that it self-calibrates before each shot. You no longer have to send your scanner away for a time-consuming and expensive calibration annually, and you have the peace of mind that it is freshly calibrated before every shot is taken. Compare the 5-year cost of ownership between the Trimble X9 and any competitor - The Trimble X9 is the best value.
  • Why does the Trimble X9 look so different from other scanners?
    • With no visible mirror assembly, the center unit resembles a total station more than a scanner. The X9 has characteristics of both with a dual vertical drive system. The system integrates a survey-grade servo drive from a total station and a protected high-speed scanning mirror to enable features like auto-calibration. 
  • What does the cost of ownership of the Trimble X9 compare to competitors?
    • Since the Trimble X9 performs a self-calibration before each scan, there is no need to send the scanner out for annual calibrations. This saves thousands of dollars and weeks over a 5-year timespan. Depending on your use, the total 5-year cost of ownership could be cut by 50%.

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