Quick Response Solution (QRS)

Introducing a new bundled subscription for forensic investigators starting at $2,999!

Product Details

Starting at $2,999

The QRS includes the DA2 GNSS System, the TDC6, Forensics Corrections Service, and the first year of your Trimble Capture + Field Software subscription (for one user). Hardware is a one-time purchase; subscription is required after the first year. 

With more than $8,000 in savings off the current non-bundled price, this all-in-one package is perfect for crash and crime scene investigations and delivers sub-centimeter accuracy to Trimble Forensic Capture in the TDC6 data collector. 

What comes in the kit?

The following items are included with the Quick Response Solution bundle:

  • Trimble Catalyst DA2 Reciever 

  • Trimble TDC

    • Lanyard 

    • Screen Protector

    • A/C Charger with International Adapter

    • USB-C Cable

  • Trimble Forensics Capture w/ Correction Service Subscription for 1 User (1 year)

  • Other Accesories 

    • External USB Power Pack, Li-Ion, 5000 mAh, Micro-USB Cable 

    • Rover Rod, 2M, Black, Trimble Catalyst DA1 - Flat Top for Threadless Mounting 

    • Range Pole Bracket 

    • Trimble Catalyst Mounting Accessory Kit

    • TSC5 Ranger Pouch 

After the First Year

After year 1+, it's $399 for 1 year software + services subscription for 1 user.

After year 2+, it's $115 for the extended warranty for the TDC6.

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