Capture Software

Day or night, in good weather or bad, the field software that is at your side. Trimble Forensics Capture is designed for the forensic investigator, with wizard guided workflows, to make data collection and scene mapping efficient and reduce time on scene.

Product Details

Capture is the perfect tool for any accident investigator to control and command the SX10 when used with the Trimble T10 Tablet. Capture is also compatible with Android devices such as the Trimble TDC100 and MM50. Whether you are using the industry leading SX10, robotic total station or a mechanical total station, Capture enables easy, precise data collection.

Key Features:

  • Full SX10 command, control and functionality
  • View and edit in 2D or 3D
  • Seamless integration with Trimble Reveal
  • Robotic Total Station support
  • Build-in point cloud libraries
  • Evidence marker system with support for photos
  • Touch controls, no need for a stylus
  • Radio bridge connectivity
  • Windows®10 and Android™ compatible on recommended devices

Works with:

  • Trimble Forensics Reveal Software
  • Trimble RealWorks Forensics Software
  • TDC100 Data Collector
  • Trimble T10 Tablet

Capture enables workflows that are smooth, simple and easy to manage. In the field, you can see a diagram of your scene as you shoot it - in 2D or 3D, from any angle - and quickly zoom-in on evidence-rich areas. And, by adding notes and photos to your points, your work back in the office becomes easier and more productive.

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