Geospatial Solutions

Reliable geospatial information enables surveyors, engineers, project managers and other professionals to use spatial awareness to locate, navigate and design. Effective geospatial solutions enable users to analyze a high volume of data to find fast, efficient answers to challenging problems at the office or in the field. Duncan-Parnell offers a wide selection of cutting-edge geospatial products and services that will deliver the highly accurate data you need to make the best decisions for your projects. Our geospatial surveying and mapping solutions are available in NC, SC, GA, VA, WV and Washington, D.C area.

Surveying Solutions

Our advanced geospatial surveying solutions will help you do more work with fewer resources while saving your company time and money. As an authorized Trimble® dealer, we carry a wide selection of Trimble geospatial surveying equipment including complete GNSS systems, mobile scanning solutions, construction lasers, Trimble data collectors, 3D Scanners and much more. You will also find geospatial surveying software that allows you to maximize the performance of your equipment and get access to useful data that will assist your decision-making processes.

Mapping Solutions

Duncan-Parnell is also the best source for geospatial and GIS mapping solutions that seamlessly combine positioning, communications and software to fully equip a mobile workforce. Available products include Trimble GNSS receivers, handheld computers equipped with GNSS, reference stations and imaging systems. Our geospatial mapping solutions will improve productivity by “geo-enabling” your field workforce with accurate, durable products that are easy to use.

Geospatial Solutions Backed by Comprehensive Services

We support all our geospatial solutions with a host of GIS and positioning services so you can get the most out of your products. We offer GIS consulting and RTK correction services delivered by knowledgeable, certified professionals who are committed to helping you get full value and maximum return on investment from your equipment. We also hold regularly scheduled training sessions at service centers for a valuable hands-on learning experience you can apply to your field activities. And as an authorized Trimble dealer, we can provide certified maintenance and repair work to keep your equipment in peak operating condition.

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If you’re looking to purchase or rent reliable, accurate geospatial mapping and surveying products in NC, SC, GA, VA, WV or DC, or if you need dependable geospatial product service and support, make your first call to Duncan-Parnell today. Successful projects start here, so contact us today for more information. Learn more about out Trimble and spectra solutions today.