Duncan-Parnell Adds Move Solutions to Structural Health Monitoring Product Line-Up

Duncan-Parnell Adds Move Solutions to Structural Health Monitoring Product Line-Up
Duncan-Parnell Adds Move Solutions to Structural Health Monitoring Product Line-Up

At Duncan-Parnell we aim to provide our customers with the tools they need to succeed in the field. To continue growing with today’s advancements in technology we are happy to announce we have partnered with Move Solutions to bring you IoT sensors for high-speed structural health monitoring systems, ideal for monitoring bridges.

Move Solutions offers wireless systems for smart structural monitoring for all civil infrastructure monitoring applications. With IoT sensors for both static and dynamic monitoring, Move offers solutions for bridges, railways, construction sites, vertical structures and geotechnical analysis. Move Solutions' smart, wireless, non-destructive and easy-to-install sensors enable users to conduct remote, easy and cost-effective monitoring.

Vibrometer Deck Displacement Wireless Accelerometer
Vibrometer Deck Dynamic Displacement Sensor Wireless Accelerometer SHM

“We’re excited to add the complete suite of sensors and software from Move Solutions to our robust monitoring product line. Now, Duncan-Parnell will be able to offer customers dynamic motion sensors, along with more traditional static sensors, to supply a truly complete structural health monitoring system for any application”.  

Joe Priestner, PLS, PE, Emerging Technology Manager at Duncan-Parnell  

“As a family-owned business with 16 locations in the US, Duncan-Parnell delivers excellent customer experiences: that is why we are proud to be partnering with them! Our SHM system is designed to simplify the whole monitoring project, thanks to wireless and easy-to-install sensors and real-time data about the structure accessible from anywhere you are. However, taking on a monitoring project still requires time, guidance, and a good partner: with Duncan-Parnell you get all of those, as they have dedicated and experienced monitoring experts, that will guide you in leveraging the full potential of our innovative Structural Health Monitoring solutions”.  

Ferdinando Frediani, CEO of Move Solutions

Move Solutions Deck

Applications for Monitoring:

  • Bridges and overpasses
  • Railways
  • Buildings
  • Tunnels

Expanding your business into monitoring or taking on a monitoring project requires time, guidance and a good partner. With Duncan-Parnell, you get all of those. With a dedicated and experienced monitoring expert, as well as great brands and products from industry leaders, we can help guide you in adding monitoring to your business.

Combined with our already-extensive line-up of Trimble monitoring products, this collaboration with Move Solutions will provide infrastructure owners with innovative, cost-effective, and remote SHM solutions, together with amazing technical support.   

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