Construction Management Software

In the construction industry of today, there is a challenge with finding labor and the necessary resources to get projects done efficiently and on time. Besides labor is also also the manual nature of organizing all of the many pieces of information (budgets, timelines, schedules, technical documents, drawings, etc) required to keep a construction project streamlined with cohesive details and clear communication. That makes identifying the right technology even more important to the productivity of your construction projects and to that of your customers.

That’s why Duncan-Parnell brings solutions such as our construction management software or CIM (construction information management) to our customers. This includes providing platforms to integrate design and build information to ensure consistency, cohesiveness, accuracy, increased productivity, and maintaining cost control.

Our Construction Management Software comes from the leading brand of OpCenter and covers a broad range of online project management needs:

  • OpCenter: Use powerful OpCenter construction design software for collaborating (OpCenter Share), bid management (OpCenter eDistribution) and project cloud management (OpCenter Build).

With this impressive construction management software for engineers, GC’s (general contractors), operation supervisors and architects, you can manage any type of building, infrastructure, utility or large commercial construction project. It streamlines your project planning, collaboration and communication across the project, and greatly minimizes administrative work during the bid process.

Construction information management solutions greatly help contractors and other construction professionals to manage and interact with projects in a cost-effective and significantly more efficient manner through the entire construction process.

  • Planning – OpCenter Share for online collaboration amongst designers
  • Pre-Construction – eDistribution for bid management
  • Construction – OpCenter Build for project cloud management
  • Close-Out – A deliverable we provide from Build after project is done

Online Software-as-a-Service Benefits:

  • Saves Overhead Costs & Simplifies Security
  • Cloud hosted in an off-site, 24/7 Tier 1 secure environment
  • Ideal for companies with little or no IT infrastructure
  • Daily back-ups and redundant disk arrays; RAID 6
  • Enterprise-level firewall, monitored for intrusion, virus, physical security
  • Encrypted data transmission capabilities
  • Dramatically reduce printing costs