A Public Bid Process Has Never Been Easier to Manage

Speed the Bid Cycle, Improve Bid Quality

  • With eDistribution, Invitations To Bid (ITB) are distributed to multiple contractors at the same time, ensuring your project attracts the right contractors at a competitive price.
  • e-Distribution is available as a password-protected site for private projects, letting you control who can bid on your projects. You'll have the tools necessary to send notifications, track communication, and view various bid documents.
  • Public sites let you take full advantage of eDistribution's sizable subcontractor database.
  • Whether your project is public or private, flexible and automated controls ensure all bidders have the latest information to accurately bid the project.
  • You can monitor pre-bid activity and take action as needed, such as contacting subcontractors before the bid date closes to avoid date extensions or low bid activity – both costly to a project owner.

Hosted Solution — Local Expert Support

eDistribution is available to bidding contractors 24/7 without a membership or subscription fee. Because eDistribution is hosted and supported by your local certified Construction Information Manager (IM), project set-up is fast and easy. Your IM performs the processing, distribution, and communication for the bid phase of your project, alleviating the need for IT resources.