Project-based File Sharing

Built for AEC professionals, OpCenter Share is a project-centric file sharing solution to easily Organize, Share, and Track project files in the cloud. Collaborate on files with all team members, including 3-D Revit models, photos, videos, plans, and As-Built drawings. OpCenter Share users can preview documents onlinewithout first downloading the entire file.

Easily Share Information with OpCenter Share

The construction industry is facing new challenges every day. Whether it's implementing a new project delivery process, struggling with tight deadlines and complicated project deliverables or simply trying to do the same amount of work with fewer resources, OpCenter Share can help. OpCenter Share helps project team members easily and securely share project information, streamline processes and bring projects in on time and within budget. And unlike traditional ftp sites or online file sharing services, OpCenter Share is designed and developed specifically for the construction industry.

Upload Files Securely

OpCenter Share offers an easy and secure way to upload and share files with all project team members. Using standard web components and a secured protocol, members can upload plans, documents, images, video and more. No matter what size project, OpCenter Share has your document and image upload needs covered.

Organize Folders Easily

Using a familiar folder and document folder view, projects can be set up and organized online in the cloud, exactly as you see them on your local computer or network. With OpCenter Share, project documents are accessible and available no matter where you are on the road, at the job site, or at home.

Share Projects Intelligently

Adding new members and sharing project documents with OpCenter Share is simple. Search for an existing member or invite an entire project team to collaborate on your next project. Sharing folders, documents, calendars events, meeting minutes, pictures, videos and more is simple and easy.

Track and Trace Activity Effortlessly

OpCenter Share offers access to online projects in the cloud, 24x7. No matter when members upload or download content, modify a document or invite others to share and collaborate, rest assured, OpCenter Share will track and trace members' actions, providing a valuable audit trail of activity.

Safe and Secure

OpCenter Share uses state-of-the-art systems and services to provide the highest level of online cloud security. We utilize redundant servers, back up data and offer 24x7 monitoring of valuable project information. Our network is co-located at one of the world's premier enterprise-class hosting providers and utilizes a secured file transfer to keep data safe and secure whenever uploading, downloading or simply sharing across your entire project team.