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Specializing in field and office solutions for water, wastewater and stormwater utilities, manufacturers and service providers for the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast. Our solutions help customers optimize asset performance, field productivity and compliance, while enhancing safety, sustainability and quality of service for GIS mapping and work management, field data collection, design and inspection, wireless monitoring and network management.

Mapping & Asset Management

Mapping & Locating - Leverages Trimble's high accuracy GNSS receivers and ESRI mapping technology

Asset Inspection - Configurable, easy-to-deploy cloud and mobile software apps and devices for automating field inspection work

Maintenance & Repair - Configurable field solution for automating asset maintenance and repair operations

Mobility: Mobile Work and Field Service Management with Rugged Mobile Devices

Powerful, simple-to-use and configurable GIS-centric management solutions


IoT & Remote Monitoring

Offering a family of rugged, battery-powered data recorders for water, wastewater, stormwater and environmental water monitoring, alarming and management.

Water: Hydrant Pressure • Pressure Reducing Valve • Rainfall

Wastewater: Inflow & Infiltration • Open Channel Flow • CSO/SSO & Flooding




Meaningful insights. Better results. Smarter water management.

Trimble Unity Software platform offers a suite of applications and tools to support smart water management. Includes advanced workflows to map, manage, measure and improve asset performance, reduce operations costs, and improve public health and safety.

Trimble Unity Remote Monitoring is a software, combined with Trimble Telog family of IoT wireless data recorders. Be able to proactively monitor asset performance, optimize water and wastewater operations, reduce asset failure and repair costs, improve customer service, and gather critical telemetry data for reporting, regulatory compliance and capital planning.

Trimble Unity Work Management brings together your field operations with high accuracy mapping to help deliver improved service, surface deeper insights, and drive better results. Keep GIS data accurate and up-to-date. Automate field operations, inspections, maintenance. Enhance asset performance.


Wireless Hydrant Pressure Monitoring - Pressure monitoring and management to maintain reliable asset performance, delivering safe drinking water and reducing operation costs.

Trimble HPR-32A - Pressure concerns, fire flow testing and hydraulic model calibration. GIS-centric cloud and mobile platform for monitoring system pressures, and trends, min, max and average pressure history at any user defined interval.

Trimble Telog - Remote monitoring. Now you can have data from all remote monitoring sites reside on a common platform, setting a new standard for accessibility and usefulness of the information you collect.

→ Trimble IFM-32 - an insertion flowmeter, enabling retrofit in existing networks without service interruption and available in various lengths for permanent or portable applications. Battery operated, quick and cost effectively installed at a variety of locations in the network, providing insight into flows that would not be otherwise cost effective.

→ Trimble RU-32imA - Wireless multi-channel recording telemetry unit for underground pressure, flow and impulse monitoring. The Telog Ru-32imA provides real-time monitoring and alarming of pressure, flow sensors, valves and meters found in harsh environments typical of water distribution and wastewater collection systems. 

→ Trimble Raven-Eye 2 - An advanced non-contact radar area and velocity flow meter that provides accurate and reliable data while eliminating the need for field maintenance. 

→ Designed with one purpose in mind: To provide you the best data available with the latest technology.

→ Prove Technology with Innovations: Unleash the power of HD video for your equipment or manhole. The Mantis is capable of being submerged up to 300 ft if needed and gives you vision to see expensive equipment mounted with sewer pipes, irrigation canals or other liquid filled environments.

→ Mobile Device Compatibility: Video is streamed to your smart devices such as phones, tablets or computers, all with the included free app, and can then be organized as you see fit.

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