Wireless Hydrant Pressure Monitoring

Pressure monitoring and management are fundamental activities in maintaining reliable asset performance, delivering safe drinking water and reducing operations costs. The ideal solution fire flow testing, customer pressure concerns, transient analysis and hydrauluic model calibration. It is also wireless, user programmable and battery operated.

Product Details


  • Adequate pressure for fire prevention
  • Low pressure/loss of pressure causes back flow, introducing contaminants into the water system
  • Leakage and main bursts due to high pressure and pressure transients
  • Customer high and low pressure supply concerns
  • Accurate pressure data to calibrate hydraulic models
  • Rising energy and pumping costs


  • Hardware | Telog HPR-32A or Telog HPR-32iA
  • Software | Monitoring Software or Application Software
  • Monitoring Software | Telog Enterprise | Telog Online (Cloud)
  • Application Software | Trimble Unity Remote Monitoring

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