April 6th, 2019: GPS Week Rollover-What you need to know


April 6th, 2019: GPS Week Rollover-What you need to know

When: The exact time of the GPS Week Rollover is the end of the GPS day on April 6th, 2019.

Possible effects: GPS receivers without compliant firmware will see errors. These errors are caused by the GNSS receiver not reporting the correct date after April 6th.

What to do: Trimble Survey, GIS and Real-Time Network products have been compliant for many years, which means that customers running current firmware/software versions on their products should experience no issues, and no additional action is needed. A list of the compliant firmware versions can be found here.

  • On all-in-one GNSS receivers like the Geo7x, you can determine the version by clicking Start on the device. Then click settings>system>system information.
  • On Bluetooth receivers such as the R2 for Android, iOS, or Windows 10, you can check the firmware version by downloading and running the GNSS Status app (or relevant companion app) in your device’s app store. Be sure to have your Bluetooth receiver paired with the collection device.
  • If it is determined that you need to upgrade the GNSS firmware on your device, it is recommended to install the latest receiver firmware version available on the Trimble GIS web page or Support A-Z, for legacy products, under the Support & Downloads section of the relevant product page. Click on Downloads. Be sure to read the Release Notes to find out if you should back your data up beforehand.
  • In most cases, the cost to upgrade is free. However, it is recommended that you check to see that your software will be compatible with the firmware here and in the release notes for the 0upgrade. Only upgrade software after upgrading the hardware.
If you have any additional questions please contact Tiffany Puett at
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