Construction Document Printing / Reprographics Services

Wide Format Digital Color and Black and White Printing

No quantity is too large for our high-speed, wide format color and B&W printers. Whether your requirements include architectural plan sizes from A to E or a custom size at any manageable length, we provide cost effective, high quality printing on a variety of media.

CAD Plotting

We plot your provided PDF, TIFF and DWF files for B&W and color printing. Files can be uploaded via our website, hand delivered to us (or we can pick up) on CD, DVD or Thumb Drive.

Scanning and Archiving

Documents up to 36” wide can be scanned in color and B&W and saved in multiple file formats including PDF, TIF and JPEG. The scans can also be converted to CAD files. Files are then transferred to CD, DVD and Thumb Drives or emailed and/or uploaded to an FTP site. Additionally we offer an indexing service that includes renaming individually scanned files per your request.

Small Format Copying and Printing

Our small format color and B&W copying and printing services allow us to deliver large and small volume projects. We provide specification, presentation and closeout manuals requiring tabs, custom covers, 3-ring binders, GBC or screw-post binding and more.