Are concerns about time, hassles and a lack of resources keeping you from switching from outsourced to in-house printing services? Are you dissatisfied with the service you’re getting from your vendors? Do you find that printing costs are consuming too much of your company’s budget and negatively impacting your bottom line? Are you looking for an easy way to get access to the latest printing technologies as soon as they become available?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, Duncan-Parnell can provide a flexible alternative that will allow you to benefit from the latest engineering printing and copying solutions. Our On-Site Print Solutions (OSPS) printer supplies and services program makes in-house printing convenient, hassle-free and affordable. OSPS is available to Duncan-Parnell customers throughout our NC, SC, GA, VA, FL, TN and D.C. operating territory.

A flexible alternative to benefit from the latest engineering printing and copying solutions.

OSPS CUSTOMERS - Use Printer Service Portal to order supplies, place a service call and/or enter meter reads for your printer(s), covered by your OSPS contract.

SHORT-TERM OSPS RENTAL - Duncan-Parnell provides a variety of wide format copiers for your short term rental needs in the Carolinas. CALL 1-800-849-7708 FOR MORE INFORMATION.


Duncan-Parnell's On-Site Print Solutions (OSPS) is a cost-effective and worry-free solution that allows customers to have in-house printing and benefit from utilizing the latest printer technologies. Our printer supply and services program includes everything you need for one low monthly payment and virtually no money down. You get the wide format printer or multi-functional device of your choice, accessories, training, full service maintenance (including analyst services on digital printers), toner/ink, developer and bond media.

Our OSPS Program Will Reduce Your Ownership Costs

OSPS even reduces the overall cost of ownership since it includes special preferred pricing on service, supplies, and paper. Also, the upgrade option allows you to swap out the printer or copier for a more productive model as your volume grows or your needs change. Most customers discover that signing up for our printer supplies and services program provides a significant return on their investment by helping to keep long-term printing costs under control.


  • Choose your printer, scanner - Oce®, Canon®, and HP® offer a wide range of features and volume capabilities
  • Duncan-Parnell provides support from installation to training, and complete machine servicing
  • Duncan-Parnell provides PrinterPoint software to streamline the supply ordering and meter reading processes (Oce, Canon, and HP only)Duncan-Parnell replenishes toner/ink, developer and bond media
  • Upgrade option allows you to replace your machine with a more productive model, without penalty


Our printer supplies and services program will provide numerous benefits for your company:

Reduce Risk – Working with several printing vendors introduces an element of risk — the quality of service can vary from one vendor to another. With OSPS:

  • Everything is provided and maintained by Duncan-Parnell, one of the largest and most respected wide format dealers in the U.S. Reduce risk of technology obsolescence and equipment ownership

Reduce Cost – You will quickly discover that our printer supplies and services program will substantially lower your printing costs by as much as 50 percent, while also increasing production by up to 40 percent. Examples of the ways OSPS can reduce expenses include:

  • Our innovative financing program requires very little or no money down
  • Increase accounting efficiency with a single monthly invoice
  • Utilize cost recovery software for your printing devices to capture project costs

Increase Revenue – OSPS can help you transform your printing functions from a cost center to an additional source of revenue:

  • Introduce new capabilities to your customers with expanded offerings from industry printer leaders

Professional, Reliable Service Every Step of the Way

We back our printer services and supplies program with the expertise acquired over more than 75 years of selling and servicing wide format printers. Our staff includes knowledgeable professionals who can provide reliable product selection, training, repair and maintenance support. Our sincere commitment to helping our customers get the most out of their printing equipment differentiates us from our competitors.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Printer Supplies and Services Program

Discover the many ways in which OSPS can improve the quality of your printing processes — and reduce your long-term printing costs. If you own or operate a business in NC, SC, GA, VA, FL, TN or D.C., contact us to learn more about OSPS and get a free quote today. Successful projects start here.