Wide & Small Format Printers / Construction Print Services

Wide Format Printers

Whether your biggest need is print speed, or having color and black and white in one machine, Duncan-Parnell offers a wide selection of large format printers, plotters and scanner equipment from trusted brands like HP, Océ, and Canon that can meet all of your businesses printing and scanning needs.

On top of these hardware solutions, we also offer our On-Site Print Solutions program (OSPS), an all-inclusive agreement that offers flexibility allowing you to benefit from the latest engineering printing solutions without any incremental financial commitment, as well as receiving your printing consumables, parts and services. It makes in-house printing hassle-free, affordable, and solves for technology obsolescence.

Benefits: Increased productivity; lower operating costs; intuitive equipment to minimize downtime.

Broad Selection of Printing Solutions

Our wide format printing solutions include:

Reprographic Services / Construction Document Printing

We can print any quantity of construction documents and drawings. This cost-effective solution is perfect when you don’t have daily printing needs and can’t justify the purchase or rental of your own wide format printer.
  • Digital color, and black & white printing
  • CAD plotting
  • Planroom
  • Scanning and archiving
  • Small format copying and printing
  • Distribution services
  • Printing PDF Drawings

Wide & Construction Print Services with Duncan-Parnell

When you turn to Duncan-Parnell for your Wide Format Print Solutions and Reprographics Printing Services, you're getting the best equipment and service in SC, NC, GA, VA and D.C. Our goal is to provide you with the wide format print solutions you need to keep your jobs and projects on track. Choose the wide format printing solution that suits your business best and request an online quote or contact us for more information. Our team can help you chose the right wide format printer or printing and reprographic services you need, and guarantee fast, reliable, high-quality printing every time.

How Does Large Format Printing Work?

Large format printers print documents using inkjet technology. They can print copies of 2 to 15 feet, depending on your requirements. In addition, these printers can produce different designs that are rich in color on various printing materials. These versatile gadgets can accommodate copy paper material, card stock, vinyl, and canvas.

Initially, the wide-format inkjet printers used individual plates. Their operation costs were very high at this time since they required a lot of manual labor for swapping them out. As the technology advanced, these printers were replaced by digital-wide format printers.

These digital printers no longer use plates, making the printing process more streamlined while enhancing more profits. Since these printers are large, they are ideally used by large businesses for printing A8 to A0 documents. In addition, they have in-built wireless capabilities for sharing documents with your coworkers.

Large format printing is cost-effective, and it creates high-quality images which are visible even from a distance. This helps in the creation and enhancement of the awareness of a particular brand for tradeshow and exhibition attendees.

Large format printed documents usually last a long time as they are constructed from durable UV–resistant materials. These documents also withstand continuous exposure to various climates without losing their quality.

What Are Some Wide-Format Printing Uses for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction?

Wide-format printing is useful for various fields such as engineering, architecture, and construction. Generally, these fields require the most accurate blueprints, which is easily achieved when using large format printers.

These printers usually ensure that you are served with high-quality documents. Among the services a large format printer offers in the architecture, engineering, and construction fields include printing color renderings, specs, banners, plans, safety manuals, posters, contracts, among others.

What Are Reprographics?

The term "reprographics" is used to describe how building and construction plans and specs are reproduced. Since the documents involved are usually large, they require large-format printers.

Reprographics is essential in scaling larger or smaller graphics, depending on your needs. The images produced can then be used as billboards, brochures, magazines, or posters. You can even opt to recreate them into their original sizes.

Generally, reprographics combine with printers and photocopiers to allow you to print many large documents for your organization or business subsequently. These documents may include pamphlets, manuals, and brochures.

Who Are Reprographics For?

Reprographics is applied in various professions and fields. It can be used by educational staff and students for creating lesson plans, graphic presentations, student worksheets, and coursework materials.

In addition, it is also applied in businesses for producing clients’ content, printing business cards, and creating marketing materials for brands. Or you can use reprographics to create labels, magazines, newsletters, personalized greeting cards, and postcards, whatever your profession or hobby.

Its simplicity allows you to reproduce a particular design many times, which saves you time and resources.