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Mechanical total stations set the standard for field surveying in the construction industry. They provide the operator with unparalleled range, speed and accuracy when taking on-site measurements. Duncan-Parnell offers industry-best Trimble® and Nikon mechanical total stations that will transform your field measurement capabilities by providing you with more accurate data in less time. We also offer complete mechanical total station service to our NC, SC, GA, VA and Washington, D.C. customer base.

Choose the Right Mechanical Total Station for Your Surveying Applications

Our selection of Trimble and Nikon mechanical total stations includes:

Trimble C5 Mechancial Total Station - Designed to make your job easier, with its autofocus and superior Nikon optics, the Trimble C5 makes every day in the field productive. Hot-swappable batteries give you the option of charging one battery while you're working with the other one.

Trimble C3 Mechanical Total Station - Rely on the C3 to deliver precise measurements while virtually eliminating downtime, allowing you to finish each job quickly and efficiently.

Trimble M3 – This Trimble mechanical total station features a lightweight, compact design that makes it quick and easy to move around your job sites. You also have the choice between optical and laser plummet, enabling convenient known-point setups. Trimble Access field software delivers superior station functionality and control.

Nikon XF Mechanical Total Station - Packed with new features that make survey work easier and faster. Fieldwork is always accurate and efficient thanks to proven workflows and an array of features, including an 800m range non-prism EDM, time-saving autofocus and dual full displays.

Nikon XS Mechanical Total Station - Makes survey work fast, efficient and easy. Its onboard software ensures smooth, efficient workflows from the field to the office.

Nikon NPL-322+ Series – The NPL-322+ combines versatility and affordability into one user-friendly Nikon mechanical total station platform. The advanced Nikon optics provide clear, bright images even in poor lighting conditions. The rechargeable lithium ion battery features a long lifespan and is designed to reduce power consumption.

We Provide Full Mechanical Total Station Support

Duncan-Parnell offers a level of service our competitors cannot match. Our knowledgeable staff includes certified trainers who can help you maximize your mechanical total station’s performance and ROI – we offer on-site training classes at our four conveniently located service centers. You’ll also have free access to informative written documentation on our website. And you can count on us for timely maintenance and repair service to keep your total station on the job.

If you’re looking to purchase or rent a high-quality mechanical total station in NC, SC, VA, GA or DC, contact us for a free quote today. Duncan-Parnell: successful projects start here.