How many times have you reached for the candy bard, soda or another item at the checkout area? Chances are, more than you’d care to admit. We have all been there. This application is not lost on marketers, both in the B2B and B2C realms. Let the graphics experts at Duncan-Parnell help you influence your audience.

Point-of-Purchase Displays for Customers

Don’t miss a chance to influence impulse buying from your customers. Whether you want customers to tack on an additional small item at checkout or you want to promote a specific new or best-selling, point-of-purchase (POP) displays can make the difference.

Take advantage of subconscious bundling opportunities at your POP area in addition to typical impulse buying items. It can surely help to have small items that customers are likely to add onto their purchase, but you can always take that one step further. While running sales for things like seasonal close-outs, popular products or corporate promotions, think of what your customer tends to purchase with that item. Work with Duncan-Parnell to create an eye-catching sign and pair that with the additional product at your checkout counter.

Business-to-Business Applications of Graphic Marketing

If you are in the business of selling or serving other businesses, you may think you have no use for POP and collateral marketing. The truth its, it simply looks different. You can still use storefront applications like placing commonly used contractor items near the front of the store. It’s likely that the contractor looking for a larger item may still need things like tape, paint or other small products at any given time.

In this application, though, our team of experts would recommend and work with you to create stunning pamphlets, tri-folds and other materials to boost your sales process. These materials are a way to keep your products or services top of mind for prospective customers. While a prospect may not purchase right away, sending them off with these materials can trigger fear of missing out and the same impulse buyer feelings that will drive them back to do business with you.

Bring In Additional Sales With POP Displays and B2B Marketing Graphics.

Our team at Duncan-Parnell is passionate about helping you drive more business and sales. We’re experience in creating eye-catching and impression building POP displays and graphic materials. Talk to an expert today about your opportunities!