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Duncan-Parnell has identified common stumbling blocks in general data collection efforts from pre-planning collection to publishing a finished project. Our GIS service team can help you prepare data for collection, configure & deploy field data collection projects, migrate collected data into your production GIS, and deploy web based data collection applications. These services along with our Trimble Certified Training are available to take your data from the office to the field and back to the office for a complete data collection solution.

Questions? Contact Peter Thompson at [email protected], or at (704) 351-6979.

Key Successes

  • Get all of you hardware/software set up correctly and rapidly
  • Appropriately manage various data collection projects in the office or on the web
  • Integrate newly collected features with existing features
  • Learn how to efficiently display, attribute and distribute your field data inside ArcGIS
  • Identify potential problems, repair, and mitigate future ones


  • Trimble software setup and configuration
  • ArcGIS installation and updates
  • Schema creation and/or modification (Esri Geodatabase or Trimble Data Dictionary)
  • Data Migration
  • Data Scrubbing
  • Geodatabase Maintenance
Desktop Data Setup

  • ArcGIS Basics
  • ArcGIS Advanced Editing Workflows
Web-based Data Setup
  • Trimble's TerraFlex Data Collection for Mobile Devices
  • ArcGIS Online Implementation (ArcGIS Collector)


Trimble Unity
Asset Collection and Management for Water, Waste Water, and Stormwater Utilities
Trimble Field Inspector
Asset Maintenance and Inspection for Electric & Gas Utilities

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