FiberLite Carbon Fiber 2m Snap-Loc Rover Rod

All-carbon fiber snap-loc 2m rover rod

Product Details

The FiberLite™ 2M Snap-Loc Rover Rod is constructed of 100% Torayca carbon fiber. Manufactured using the dry winding process, the resulting product has increased strength and reduced weight compared to typical wet wound carbon fiber products.  This rod is equipped with a fixed 5/8” x 11 brass tip, permanent wear-resistant grads, 20-minute level vial, and Snap-Loc mechanism with added compression lock for easy 2m height. Includes a 1000D nylon carrying case.


  • Dry wound 100% Torayca T700 carbon fiber for increased strength and reduced weight
  • Fixed 5/8 x 11 brass tip
  • 20-minute level vial
  • Snap-Loc system for easy 2m height
  • 1000D nylon carrying case included
  • Length: 6.56’ (2m)

  • Collapsed Length: 4.48’

  • Weight: 1.35 lbs

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