MS DNode

Digital Communication Node

Move Solutions' Digital Communication Node enables all connected sensors for wireless LoRaWAN communication. The Digital Node is compatible with all geotechnical sensors that use the Modbus RTU communication protocol. Once sensors are connected to this device and the Gateways are installed on-site, they are ready to receive, store and send data. Users can freely configure the Digital Node and all connected sensors remotely using the Move Cloud Platform.

Product Details

The Digital Communication Node is ideal for implementing any monitoring system and meeting your project's requirements.


  • Geo-environmental monitoring - analyze the displacement of the ground and the stress-deformation state of the ground with inclinometer probes and vibrating robes
  • Hydrogeological Monitoring - monitor the level of groundwater and surface water and correlate it to the soil subsidence values
  • Structural Monitoring - crack meters enable you to keep a dangerous crack pattern under control and strain gages allow you to monitor the stress-strain state of structural elements
  • Geotechnical Monitoring - Monitor both the pressures exerted by the ground and the distribution of loads on the foundations with load and pressure cells


  • Built-in, long-life battery
  • Enables to LoRaWAN wireless communication any wired sensor
  • 1 BUS supported, up to 30 sensors
  • Set your sample rate remotely
  • Easy installation with versatile mounting options

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