Branding Your Business With High-Quality Graphics

Branding Your Business With High-Quality Graphics

As companies look to make their mark on their industry, they need to spread awareness of what their business does while also presenting themselves as highly professional and trustworthy. Industry leaders know that an attractive, consistent brand image is crucial to bringing new customers in and retaining old ones.

To brand your business effectively, it's crucial to have high-quality signage and graphics. Graphics that contain your company logo, eye-catching images and targeted messages will help your business expand and reach new customers. To implement visually appealing, on-brand graphics, you'll need to know your options and how they can provide benefits to your company.

Why Do High-Quality Graphics Matter for My Business Branding?

When you're looking to bring new customers to your business, one of the best ways you can get people to connect with your business is to establish a brand personality. One of the best ways to generate a consistent brand personality is with high-quality graphics. These graphics can appear on both the interior or exterior of your building, along with stand-alone advertisements in other locations.
Brand recognition is huge for almost any business, as people are more likely to purchase products from companies they recognize and trust. Well-designed graphics will stick in people's minds and also help your company gain the trust of its customers. Consistently branded graphics will send a subtle message to consumers that your company knows its strengths and is reliable.
One staple of branding your business with graphics is a well-designed logo. These logos are the flagship of your brand's personality, encapsulating how you want your company to be perceived. Logos can be included on a variety of signage and are excellent at attracting attention. A logo will also bring with it an air of professionalism that promotes feelings of trust.
Other than logos, you can have several on-brand graphics that you use for marketing purposes. For example, you can include a wall mural on the interior of your building that contains stunning images sure to impress potential customers or clients. Another option might include a branded exterior signage that points pedestrians to the entrance of your building. Whatever the purpose of your graphics, they are crucial to marketing your company effectively.

Outdoor and Indoor Signage

Signs are a primary part of any company's marketing strategy. Both indoor and outdoor signage serve a huge role in getting people interested in your company and branding yourself effectively.
On-brand interior and exterior signs that include your logo or other relevant graphics are crucial to generating brand awareness and relaying important information to your possible customers or clients. As there are some differences in the way interior and exterior signs are usually used, it's a good idea to have a broad understanding of the different ways the two main categories of signs can assist your company.

Exterior Signage

When exterior signage is put into place, the first goal is usually to draw attention to your business. You want to make potential customers aware of your business while also reminding past customers to come back. A consistent color scheme, recognizable logo and brand-friendly graphics will instill a familiar image to consumers, who will then be more likely to think of your store as a possible option when they're out shopping.
Along with increasing brand awareness, you can use exterior signage for more targeted marketing efforts. For example, exterior signs often contain information about sales or the newest items offered at stores. This messaging often increases traffic to the store and gets people talking about your company. The signs are often placed in roadside locations. They may be in the form of a billboard or displayed above or on the side of your facilities.
The return on investment that exterior signage provides makes it an excellent option for those looking for a cost-effective marketing device. Durable, properly installed signage will last for a long time. With lighting, the signage will be visible 24/7 throughout the year, giving your company consistent exposure at no extra cost to you.
As the signage will be seen so often, your design and graphic choices are crucial for instilling the correct image of your company in the consumer's mind. The wrong type of graphics, such as off-brand images or messages, could give people the wrong impression of your company, either making them ignore your company or be disappointed when they visit the store.

Interior Signage

First and foremost, businesses employ interior signage with custom graphics on them to create an attractive ambiance in their building that people will enjoy visiting. Graphics that are stylish and reflect the personality of your company will turn a store into a destination that people will get excited to go and see. Additionally, an attractive interior, whether for a store or an office, will make for a more pleasant employee work experience.
Along with their decorative purposes, interior signs also have functional purchases. For example, a point of purchase display uses signs to point consumers towards a product and to encourage the consumer to make a purchase. Additionally, graphics can be consistently rotated in and out of a store to provide information about the latest sales or deals your company is offering.
For all businesses, whether you sell any products or not, interior signage also clearly marks sections of a building, showing where certain products should be stored or where employees should be working. Directional signage with customized graphics will help visitors and new employees find their way around your office space. For example, a lobby sign might have a directory of all of the different offices that guides visitors to the floor and room number they have to go to for a meeting.
Other practical effects of interior signage are their ability to point out key locations like the restroom, conference rooms, entrances and exits, elevators and much more. Along with helping people navigate your space, the signage also makes your office space appear more credible and professional.
When you look for interior or exterior signs, you'll want to work with a company that's an expert in signage and can give you the best advice about what graphics will look best. As some signage materials will fare better indoors rather than outdoors, whoever you work with should be knowledgeable about how different materials interact with environmental pressures. When looking for a company to partner with, choose one that will help you find the perfect signage for your needs.

Window Graphics

You can also upgrade the visual appeal of your building with window graphics. A window graphic is one of the top options for companies looking to improve the look of their windows and invite people to come inside. These graphics typically come in the form of decals that can be easily applied to windows.
If you operate a retail store, window graphics are especially attractive as they can promote specific items or sales and draw in foot traffic to the store. Without eye-catching window decals or full window graphics, your store will be more likely to be ignored by consumers.
Instead of thinking of window graphics as an area to place your store hours or as a supplement to your other marketing efforts, think of window graphics as a major marketing tool you can rely on to get people interested in what you have to offer.
As you consider adding window graphics to your company's building, you should be aware of the various uses and benefits the decals provide. You'll find the top advantages of using window graphics below:
  • Promotion. One of the top reasons to choose window decals for your business is how well they can promote your latest sales and items. If you have a limited time offer, a window decal can be easily applied to a window and then removed when the special is over. As they are so easy to install and remove, they are perfect for companies that are consistently swapping out promotional messages to entice customers into their business.
  • Brand awareness. Whether your company sells products or operates an office, window graphics increase the chances of people noticing your business. Any savvy company knows that making customers or clients take an interest in what you have to offer requires the creation of action-oriented advertisements. Window graphics are one of those investments that inspire consumers to take action, whether that be coming into your store or simply Googling you online.
  • Separate yourself from the competition. For those who operate a business in a busy location, you know how important it is to craft advertisements that reveal how your company is different from nearby competitors. If you don't catch a consumer's eye and differentiate yourself from competing businesses, they may walk down the street to a company they have a better opinion of. Window graphics give you the tools to put attract customers and demonstrate your company's quality.
  • Greater privacy. Some businesses and institutions require a greater deal of privacy. For example, banks, lending agencies and clinics all deal with people's personal information, and they don't want to make clients vulnerable by letting people see into their building. Instead of having a windowless facility where no natural light can pass through, these types of businesses often opt for large scale window graphics that block the view into the building but still allow natural light into the office space.
  • Glass protection. Not only do window decals improve the visual appeal of your buildings, but they also assist in enhancing the structural integrity of your glass. If you have a large scale window graphic that covers your entire window, it will act as a buffer if anything hits it with enough force to break it. The buffer that the graphic provides will reduce the amount of glass that shatters, potentially saving you repair costs and the time that it takes to clean up the debris.
On top of all the benefits listed above, window decals are typically affordable, making them one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies available today. They also offer easy customization, meaning that the signage can always match your brand personality exactly.

Catering to All Customers With Proper ADA Signage

Whenever you look to add high-quality graphics, you want to make sure that they are communicating effectively to all customers. ADA signage regulations require that companies follow rules that ensure their facilities have signage that communicates with those who have disabilities effectively. By employing effective ADA signage, you will be complying with regulations, and you will be improving the experience of many clients or customers.

What Is ADA Signage?

The Americans with Disabilities Act became law in 1990 to prevent discrimination due to disability. The act requires employers to reasonably accommodate the needs of employees with disabilities. Due to the law, companies are also required to have signage that meets ADA requirements.
There are several different types of ADA-compliant signage that businesses must include in their buildings. These types of signs include braille navigation signage, Handicap parking signage, wayfinding signage and safety signage. If you choose not to use ADA-compliant signage, you run the risk of being fined, and you'll place undue difficulties on employees and customers with disabilities. It's always a good idea to invest in ADA signage, both financially and for the sake of customer experience.
Some of the most popular signage options that Duncan-Parnell includes can be found below:
  • Custom braille signage
  • Wayfinding signage
  • Hazard signage
  • Safety signage
  • Parking graphics
Due to its functional nature, ADA signage is one of the most important types of signage that companies can integrate into their facilities. The signage is found on both the interior and exterior of the building, meaning that you'll need to work with a company that knows how to craft signage that's effective indoors and outdoors. When you're selecting a company, find a team that has experience in crafting ADA-compliant signs.
The best teams know how to design ADA-compliant signage that fits with your office's aesthetic. With attractive, compliant signage, you'll be getting the best of both worlds — visually appealing graphics that attract customers and signage that meets regulations.

Ready to Add High-Quality Graphics to Your Business?

If you're ready to take your business to the next level with high-quality graphics, work with a company that will take the time to understand your brand and produce graphics that will improve the perception of your company throughout your industry. As an independent, family-owned business, Duncan-Parnell knows the value of developing a relationship with our clients. We'll take the time to listen to your needs and develop signage that exceeds your expectations.
With 15 locations throughout the Southeast, we have the resources to help you develop high-quality graphics. Our team can assist you with design creation, product selection and the installation of the signs or graphics. Contact us today to receive a free quote and speak to one of our friendly representatives about the options available to you.
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