TruPulse 360R Laser Rangefinder

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The TruPulse 360R offers all the same functionality and specifications as the 360 model, but with a rugged waterproof horizontal design for the harsher environments.

Measurement Units include: Feet, Meters, Yards, Degrees, and Percent. Targeting Modes: Standard, Closest, Farthest, Continuous, and Filter/Reflector. TruTargeting: Automatically provides the best possible accuracy and acquisition distance to a given target. TruVector™: Provides the best possible compass accuracy regardless of the laser's orientation. It even warns you when it needs to be calibrated.


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The TruPulse 360°R professional-grade laser rangefinder possesses power and functionality unlike any other measurement and mapping device on the market. Integrated with LTI’s exclusive TruVector 360° Compass Technology®, this laser can calculate several different measurement solutions that will help you achieve faster, safer and more accurate results. Having improved performance and a rugged exterior, the 360R model will consistently work under any condition.

Key Enhancements:

  • 33% more range accuracy
  • 25% better target acquisition
  • Increased Azimuth Accuracy
  • Bluetooth® communication included

Key Features:

  • Provides full measurement capability with AZ + INC + SD
  • Calculates Horizontal Distance (HD) + Vertical Distance (VD) + Height (HT) + 3D Milling Line (ML)
  • Solves 3D missing line calculations between any two remote points
  • Distinguishes desired target from surrounding obstructions with Closest + Farthest + Continuous + Filter modes
  • Mounts to tripods and has quality optics that enhance your field of view
  • Integrates with GPS for efficient GIS data capture