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Trimble UX5

The Complete Unmanned Aerial System. Engineered to help mapping and surveying professionals who require the highest accuracy work more efficiently, the Trimble UX5 and the Trimble UX5 HP set the standard in mapping and surveying by combining a robust and highly user-friendly system with a custom-designed camera that offers the most impressive deliverables. The Trimble UX5 / UX5 HP keep you productive all day long - whatever job you're working on.



  • High precision for superior deliverables
  • Select a configuration that is right for the job
  • Time savings in the field
  • Capture the highest quality data in extreme temperatures
  • Intuitive field to office workflow solution


  • Leading image acquisition quality and data accuracy
  • All-terrain and all-weather performance
  • Reverse thrust for precise landings in confined spaces
  • Durable and reliable solution for intensive use
  • Fully automated Trimble Access workflows for ease-of-use