Trimble TerraSync Software

Trimble® TerraSync™ software is designed

for fast and efficient field GIS data collection

and maintenance. Integrating all the ways

you collect data—with a GNSS handheld

computer, laser rangefinder, or centimetergrade

equipment—it’s a powerful system for the

collection of high quality feature and position

data for GIS update and maintenance.

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Key Features:

  • Support for centimeter-grade RTK receivers
  • Efficient field data collection of features, positions, and attribute data
  • Easy, fast one-click data capture working in QuickPoint data collection mode
  • Configurable user interface for simple, efficient workflows and data entry
  • Conditional attributes for dynamically adapting data capture forms
  • Industry-leading GNSS receiver configuration and control
  • Map display support for multiple raster and vector background maps
  • Quick navigation to features or waypoints
  • Multimedia support for attributes such as voice and image files
  • Optimized for Trimble handhelds with integrated digital cameras
  • Read/write support for Esri Shapefiles
  • Customizable splash screen

GNSS Accuracy:

  • Real-time differential correction including Trimble RTX™ correction services (available sources depend on GNSS receiver and base station used)
  • Record GPS and GLONASS data for subsequent postprocessing
  • Achieve decimeter (10 cm / 4 inch) accuracy using real-time or postprocessed H-Star technology (dependent on H-Star-capable receiver and antenna combination used)
  • Supports logging of DeltaPhase data for optimal code accuracy after postprocessing
  • Support for collection of RTK data with Trimble 5800 and Trimble R10/R8/R6/R4 GNSS receivers
  • Achieve real-time or postprocessed centimeter-level accuracy using a Trimble Geo 7X Centimeter edition handheld or an R2 GNSS receiver, and a dual frequency correction source