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Trimble R8 GNSS System

One Receiver configured for Today, Scalable for Tomorrow

Rather than a pre-configured system, the Trimble® R8s GNSS system gives you just the features and benefits you need, in one flexible, scalable system. It's never been easier to build a system tailored to your job.

The Trimble R8s easily integrates with Trimble s-Series total stations and the innovative Trimble V10 imaging rover. Create a complete solution by combining the Trimble R8s receiver with a Trimble controller running Trimble Access™ field software, and Trimble Business Center office software.

  • One configurable receiver that is scalable for future needs
  • Available in post-processing, base only, rover only, or base & rover configurations
  • Advanced satellite tracking with Trimble 360 receiver technology
  • Includes Trimble Maxwell 6 chips with 440 channels
  • Simple integration with Trimble S-Series Total Stations and the V10 Imaging Rover
  • Intuitive Trimble Access Field software and Trimble Business Center Office Software
  • Trimble Mobile APP - a new way to quickly collect GNSS raw data, free of charge
  • Communication options and remote access via web UI