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Trimble MX2 Mobile Spatial Imaging System

Safely and effectively address complex projects by collecting spatial data from a mobile platform. Designed for mapping, surveying and engineering environments, the Trimble MX2 is rugged, lightweight and portable, has few moving parts, and is as easily deployed and redeployed as conventional survey equipment.

  • End-to-End Approach: Trimble MX2 is designed as a true 'end-to-end' solution.
  • High Productivity: Simple and quick installation, rapid deployment and data capture, collect significantly more data in only a fraction of the time of traditional surveying, simple process and complete workflows.
  • Operational Flexibility: Can be installed on a variety of mobile platforms including cars, trucks, boats, quad bikes. Eliminates need for traffic management and road closures. Ease of switching between different vehicles. Compact and portable computer (laptop). Sufficiently portable for air transport, i.e. 'ship to project'.
  • Reduced Risk: Allows data collection in harsh environments and unfavorable weather conditions. Reduced time on site and exposure to risk for the operator.
  • Excellent Value: Versatile system, low cost of ownership, accelerates project time scales, and expands survey 'season' by allowing data collection in all kids of weather conditions.
System Components
  • Sensor Head
  • Operator Console
  • Analysis software