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Duncan-Parnell supplies highly precise construction and surveying levels to companies throughout NC, SC, GA, VA and the D.C. area. We feature Trimble® and Nikon automatic and digital levels that deliver pinpoint accuracy to make your job easier, while saving time and decreasing the demand on your organization’s resources. And as a valued Duncan-Parnell customer, you will also experience the industry-best service that sets us apart from our competitors and discover why successful projects start here.

Explore Our Lineup of Nikon and Trimble Digital and Automatic Levels

We offer Nikon and Trimble levels for every application:

  • Trimble DiNi – This Trimble digital level is the perfect choice for determining fast, error-free height information and facilitating the transfer of data from the field to the office. The DiNi can also reduce the number of required stations by as much as 20 percent.
  • Nikon AX-2S – This compact, lightweight Nikon automatic level features advanced optics that deliver clear, bright images in all types of lighting conditions. It’s also equipped with a friction brake that enables rapid rotation and prevents the need for horizontal alignment clamps.
  • Nikon AC-2S – The AC-2S includes horizontally aligned tangent knobs that allow you to operate the level with either hand. The rugged, water-resistant construction can withstand the most challenging job site and environmental conditions. The magnetic-dampened compensator enables you to level the sight line with ease.
  • Nikon AE-7 – Another member of the Nikon automatic level family, the AE-7 is equipped with powerful telescopes and a standard optical sight lens that provide fast, accurate target location. The horizontal tangent knobs with unlimited range deliver high-precision pointing and angular measurement.
  • Nikon AS/AE Series – The AS/AE Series consists of four Nikon automatic level models featuring high-powered, nitrogen-filled, waterproof telescopes that provide flawless measurement even in damp, rainy conditions. You can attach any AS/AE model to spherical- or flat-head tripods for maximum operating flexibility.

Exceptional Support for Your Trimble and Nikon Levels

We encourage you to take advantage of our assortment of training services, so you can get the most out of your Trimble and Nikon levels. We offer training classes at our numerous service centers located across our NC-SC-GA-VA-DC operating territory, as well as a variety of online training tools and documentation. What’s more, you’ll have access to certified maintenance and repair service and free technical support for your levels.

Contact us to learn more about our selection of Nikon and Trimble digital and automatic levels today and to get a free quote.