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Are you in need of high-quality lasers that can handle a wide range of construction applications? Duncan-Parnell is your NC, SC, GA, VA and D.C. headquarters for top-performing construction lasers from Spectra Precision, a brand associated with the most highly accurate, reliable surveying equipment on the market. All Spectra Precision construction lasers feature advanced technology that will enable you to do more work with fewer resources.

Select the Right Construction Laser for Your Surveying Applications

Duncan-Parnell is proud to offer the following Spectra Precision construction laser products:

  • LL400 – The LL400 is a self-leveling, fully automatic laser level that is perfect for numerous general construction tasks. With a range of up to 2,600 feet, this construction laser works well for projects of all sizes. The simplified one-person operation also minimizes labor costs.
  • LL100N – This complete one-person leveling system delivers exceptional performance in a wide variety of elevation control applications. The single-axis manual slope capability makes the LL100N among the most versatile construction lasers available.
  • LL300N – The LL300N is designed to maintain peak performance in the harshest working conditions. This rugged Spectra Precision construction laser can withstand drops onto concrete from a distance of up to three feet. The fully automatic self-leveling functionality also ensures a fast, easy setup.
  • UL633-14 Universal XYZ Grade Laser Package – This total construction laser package features innovative fan beam technology that provides precise control of the Z axis for highly accurate dual-axis alignments. The combined radio/infrared remote control feature enables a fast, simple setup.
  • UL633 – The UL 633 is an excellent choice for jobs that demand maximum stability and accuracy such as airport runways, athletic fields, driveways and parking lots. This universal construction laser is the first in its class that enables you to convert the plumb beam into a rotating fan beam.
  • LL500 – With a working diameter of up to 1,600 feet, the LL500 will maximize productivity on larger job sites. The built-in temperature compensation feature delivers pinpoint accuracy in conditions where extreme temperature fluctuations occur. The visible spotting beam makes it easier to find the ideal on-grade position.

Count on Duncan-Parnell to Deliver Comprehensive Construction Laser Support

As a full-service construction laser solutions provider, Duncan-Parnell offers operator training, technical support and certified maintenance and repair service for the construction lasers we sell and rent. We’ll help you get the most out of your equipment and maximize your return on investment.

Contact us to learn more about our construction laser inventory and get a free quote. You’ll discover how successful projects start here.